The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIII, Issue 4, November 2019

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Training Conversation

1. Trick Dog tests and training.

2. How to dock dive. !

3. New AKC agility rules.

Trick Dog testing at Working Dogs, in Amsterdam, NY.

New Trick Dog Novices - Goldie and Leaf.

New Trick Dog Novice - Teagan. (Susan Anderson photos)

Dock Diving! Best photo ever! Carol Mount and Arcade. (Barry Rosen photo)

"My personal best. Of course since she just started very jump but 2 have been personal bests.
I went in this time to celebrate."

Natalie Culver: And I ended a full day with some dog training in the kitchen, or at least treat passer outing? Nicholas wanted to be a “tiger dog” and join in on the “step up” training. Hannah wanted to be in videos of training them, then they had to endure Halloween costumes she made for them (good dogs) and finally for there patience with the costumes they were rewarded with treater passer-outting by Nicholas.

Before I got video Nicholas was handing one to each dog in turn and in THE cutest 3yr old little voice “Now one for Ivy. Now one for Jasper. Now one for Ivy. Now one for Jasper... etc”. They had a bunch more than one treat each? I was trying to get him to say it again on video but he wouldn’t.

Then I think he may be mixing up Easter Egg hunting with Halloween treating as ended with a little game of hid-the-treat from the pumpkin.

Whew... now on to laundry, lol

Changes to AKC agility rules

Thanks to Noreen Bennett for these files, and congratulations to Noreen & Chapter on Chapter's first MACH. Chapter is home bred and not even 2 1/2 years old!!!

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