The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 1, February 2020

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Training Conversation

1. Practicing Staying.

2. Carting.

3. Nosework candids.

4. Puppy (youngster agility)

5. Chasing socks in the canyon.

Nightly "down stay" practice chez Meriaux.

Practicing "wait". Apu family.

Practicing "wait" & patience. Hodges family.

Practicing "sits' with friends - Sharky & Pjakkur Osenni, Leaf & Goldie.

2004 Wrinkler Match - "Sit Stays". Laser, Kato, M, Cubby.


Oakley is the first ever basenji to earn ANDD. Advanced Novice Draft Dog.

^Van Arsdale photos >


Scentwork Practice

(Lisa Patterson photos)

Rip's got it.

Rose Christensen is a bit driven. !!!

Youngsters do agility

Zippie and Brenda Phillips.

Leaf Marsicano.

Leaf understands a back-cross.

Chris O'Rear and Swagger.

Goldie likes agility.

Zippie says all for now.

Chasing Socks in the Canyon. (photos of Tippy by Tamara Allen)

Looks like >>>> M sail.

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