The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 2, May 2020

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Training Conversation

Susan Marsicano gift to Chris Klein - 23" X 29" charcoal drawing of Chris running agility in a wedding dress. with Yama.
At American K9, in Amherst, NH.

See this - Colorado Agility TP Challenge. THIS is what i was telling you about! They made a movie all about me and some of my friends. I have a LOT of friends. It's all very exciting, but be sure to pay close attention to the movie around 4.5 minutes and again around 5.45 because that's the really interesting part of the movie. And the theme song is "I Can Make Your Tail Wag", although for some reason they changed the lyrics to "Ican make your hands clap". --Devon McNeill

1. Trick Dogs

2. AKC Rally Novice by video

2. Trancing

Trick Dogs . . .

From the 1920’s and 1940’s when trick dogs such as Rin Tin Tin and Lassie won peoples’ hearts, trick dog training has become one of the most exciting new areas in dog training today.

AKC Trick Dog titles are official AKC titles listed on the dog’s title record.
Because of COVID, AKC has allowed for evaluators to assess videos, and then submit the forms to AKC!

The processing fee for each title is $25. Multiple titles for the same dog can be sent in together, each one will be processed in succession after each previous title has been added and printed.

Dogs must have an AKC, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number to earn a title.

All dogs can get a number including purebreds and mixed breeds.

Novice Trick Dog (TKN)
The dog performs 10 skills from the Novice list. (see link to “Application” below for lists of skills). If a dog has a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate or title on record at AKC, it can do 5 Novice tricks (CGC + 5) to earn the Novice title.

Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI)
The dog must have the Novice title, plus perform 10 Intermediate tricks.

Advanced Trick Dog (TKA)
The dog must have the Intermediate title, plus perform 10 tricks from the Advanced list.

Trick Dog Performer (TKP)
In this title, handlers perform a short routine with at least 10 tricks previously learned.

Trick Dog Elite Performer (TKE)
Testing of this truly elite trick dog level requires the dog to perform 10 tricks with at least 5 props and there must be a story.


Mai, Lisa & Marine -

Here are some more links!

Gilda Sit Pretty -

Clover - TKN -

Scarlet Crawl -

Fern weave -

Jasper -

Ivy -

Goldie 2 Stools -

Ashley Raven is her own kind of trick dog. She will do things to get the puppy to behave. If he’s being overwhelming to Joe or me or Newton (she doesn’t seem to feel like Bella needs protection, probably because we do that) she gets a toy or bone to give him. Literally brings it back and gets it in his face, squeaks the squeaker at him and wiggles her butt. Or hands it to me to give to him (she gives it to me and walks away so I k ow she didn’t want it). She and Ivan get specific toys I ask for... bone, ball, stuffy (general term for the various soft remnants of stuffed or unstuffed toys we have).

Natalie Culver Jasper and Ivy have really gotten fit these last 6 weeks with us home all day everyday with them (wow hard to believe starting up week 7...). Anyway they are super fit and Jasper has finally filled out.

He is such a handsome dog!!

Ivy is all muscles in her thighs.

Can’t wait to be able to see them try lure coursing when we finally can have gatherings again.

In mean time Jasper seems to take after papa Liner. Just tried trick training of crawling. Jasper was immediately natural at it (crawling across the carpet) and ridiculously cute doing so.

Also Jasper is a serious frisbee dog. (Ivy too). Love these pups.

AKC Rally® Novice Virtual Pilot Program. . .

Pilot ends at Midnight, December 31, 2020

During this time of necessary social distancing, we want to give our beginner AKC Rally® exhibitors a reason to continue training their dogs and to stay engaged with the sport of Rally. The AKC Rally Novice Virtual pilot program will provide these exhibitors an opportunity to stay-at-home and enter an AKC Rally® event.

The pilot program is designed to have a Rally Novice competitor set up a pre-designed AKC Rally® course in the safety of their own yard, record the performance and submit it to AKC. In turn, AKC will assign a pre-selected AKC Rally Judge to virtually review and score the team’s Rally performance.

AKC will have five pre-designed official rally courses published on the AKC website for the exhibitor to choose from. The exhibitor will follow the setup instructions provided, video the performance, upload the video to YouTube, set the required YouTube viewing options, and submit the video link with the entry form and fee to AKC.

Once the required information is received, and the dog’s records are verified for class eligibility, the video link will be assigned to a judge for review. The judge will score the team’s performance and will provide a report to AKC. All qualifying scores will be recorded on the dog’s AKC record and applied toward the Rally Novice title requirements. AKC will notify exhibitors of the results of their submission.

This pilot program will end at midnight December 31, 2020 and all video submissions must be received by that date and time. We are excited to offer this virtual option to our Rally Novice exhibitors!

If you have questions after reviewing the information, please write to

AKC Companion Events Team

Trancing . . .

Gilda Marsicano trances.

Rebecca Therian Hershey used to do it all the time...Happy, Sad, Stressed, Bored....He had a collection of binkies...he would only suckle their noses ??

Jane Bronson Phire does.

Sandy MacArthur Yesssssssss....Dexter does that when he gets is favorite toy, it’s like he’s having a toy-orgasim

Ashley Lorin

Natalie Culver Obike used to, he always made me laugh when he got like that. But he only “went in a trance” with one dog toy type, his squeaky star. <3. We had three squeaky star toys (from prizes won at straight race events I think & Susan you have us one). Obike would also sometimes do same with corner of his crate pad in his mouth. Fun memory.
Miss him, but fun memories! :-) We’ve “retired” his three squeaky star toys, they are on a shelf in our china hutch, with his collar &... with him. I was just telling Hannah & Nicholas the other day that Jasper & Ivy’s grandma (Fern correct) was Obike’s half sister & told them how cool I think it is that we know so many of Jasper & Ivy’s dog family, and I asked them if they thought it was cool too. Hannah thought it was neat, but Nicholas only wanted to know about Jasper & Ivy’s other dog cousins. He didn’t really want to talk about Obike that particular day but he was really curious to know about Jasper & Ivy’s other cousins :-)

Douglas Nielsen Secure and content in the moment ??

Melody Henkel Dobermans do something like this. If it’s the same thing it’s a form of self soothing.

Xan Raskin Squirrel trance holes

Xan Raskin - Zak

Donna Hess my big tough Aussie boy Gunner did this all his life on his sheepy <3

Susan Kamen Marsicano What do you suppose it's all about

Donna Hess Gunner's mom was a working dog, and she weaned the pups early herself. we thought he was self comforting because mom went back to work, but he did it his whole life.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Donna a theory. Gilda still has her mom.

Donna Hess when he passed he was cremated with his sheepy.

Raphael Schnepf Yes!

Yvonne 't Mannetje Moyo does

Linda Butterworth Orlagh does that all the time

Karen Christensen Rose does. I was about to tell Ashley that she had stopped since getting spayed, but she actually just started doing it again

Victoria Damant Beastro used to do that.

Barbara Sauceda yep, Duffy does this more than some of my others. of course I couldn't find the photo I had in mind, but found these others. the orange bunny was her favorite.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Barbara why do you suppose some of them do this?

Barbara Sauceda Susan I'm not sure. I thought it was sort of a pacifier kind of thing. a security thing....or, a "kill" she is claiming as hers? thought maybe it was a b-girl thing but my boy Dax did this too....(not as much) but, he is the one that likes to resuscitate his favorite toys.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Barbara we really don’t know. ?

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