The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 1, February 2021

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Training Conversation

Baby sampling the jump. S K-M photo

1. Conversation about recalls.

2. UKI@home.

3. Nosework Stats.

4. Fun.

Leaf, my Cat Burglar - He's home safe, but he got out of the yard late last night.
Good thing I noticed what was going on in the dark and he has white legs. Goldie was inside the fence running with him. He was on the other side of the fence. I went into the yard and got Goldie with me to the studio stairs and called him. He came right away through the carport and I let him into the porch.
This morning, I put him on a long lead and he showed me by poking with his nose, where he went out.
I did some fence repair, meaning climbing around in the woods. The yard is secure, again.

As always, he makes me laugh out loud! Here he is "helping" with the repairs.

Karla Schreiber
There is nothing scarier! But good boy Leaf for coming right back to mom... It is an ENDLESS struggle with these kiddos to keep them safe. I walk my fence line at least 2x per week now that I'm home more. They're so damned crafty and persistent.

Susan Marsicano Karla recalls count. Really reliable recall.

Karla Schreiber
Susan, I'm glad it worked for you. I has worked for me several times. Unfortunately, if there's PREY involved, not so much... Mirrie used to leap over my 6' wooden privacy fence into the abandoned apple orchard that used to be behind me - and she'd thankfully quickly lose interest in whatever critter made her jump. She was easy to get back. But I've also had a few who can "hear" me just fine UNLESS they are after something - and one of those was my only 100% domestic. His recall was obedience ring worthy - but not if he was after something. Sigh.

Susan Marsicano
Karla, recall has to do with when you use it. I never call a dog who has gone deaf. I have other things to do then. It’s about movement too. I went to a place that was lit and his sister went with me. Then I called him. I had not said one word, other than to Goldie, before. ·

Susan Marsicano
Karla, long ago, Niner was loose on that white cliff. The yard was smaller then, and I went into the yard and called her. She looked at me and took off, from still, and leapt from the cliff, horizontally in space, over the fence and landed at my feet, like a front, in the middle of the yard. It was then that I understood that the fence was a state of mind.

Karla Schreiber
Susan, that's an excellent way to put it!

Ashley Lorin
Ugh. My heart jumped. Thank goodness he is just there to show you ways out before anyone else uses them. Good boy!! Cat burglar escape artist.

Dara Johnson
Such a scary thing having a dog escape in the dark. Good recall, Leaf (good training, Susan)

Kristine Dougherty
What a good boy. Glad you found a way to reinforce the fence. I too check the fence frequently. And yes the fence is a state of mind; years ago when Juju came here, I knew that she could climb chain link and I started having more privacy fence put up gradually. But one side of the yard is still four foot chain link and she never once climbed it.

Annechien Smith
Most of the escapologists don't know how to get back in! They think they are clever! Good boy that he had the sense to come back to you in this cold weather.

Andi Turco-Levin
I have flashing collars that I put on them at night so I can see them in the yard.

Kim McNeill
Andi, same, I have black dogs and acreage.

Leaf and his "night lights".

Katie Campbell
No doubt that all your training and bond with Leaf is what made it possible for you to retrieve Leaf safely and quickly. (There is nothing more worrisome than having a B get out, particularly in the dark of night and/or in the woods! Makes my heart race just thinking about it!) Your share here, Susan, illustrates a great case in point of why training (IOW, training both human and dog to comprehend the meaning of each other's verbal and body language) is worthwhile. Aside from all the "fun & games" we enjoy from training, here is one of many reasons why that effort is critical in life-or-death circumstances. Well done & *WHEW*!!! ?

Susan Marsicano
Katie, I don’t know if you do this, but when a puppy first opens it’s eyes, when I first offer some food on my finger tip, I clank a spoon to a metal bowl. I repeat that clank for puppy feedings. In an emergency, this clank of metal to metal will get them in, and the sound carries.

Katie - it is true that he has assigned himself to me.


Sample Novice Agility Course for small area.

After you run clear in 8 runs, 4 agillity, 2 jumping, you get an email with the dog's title certificate.

Graph of International Program

Nosework 2020 Stats

Pattison photo
Rip and Karen Christensen discuss strategy checking wind direction in the Triple Threat search at hide #2.

thanks to Andrea Stone.

ORTs for 2020 (odor recognition test)
Loki - Donna MacGregor 2020-02-23
Emma - Barb Kunze 2020-03-14

(no new NW1 titles)
New NW2 - Nose Work Level 2

Daisy - Tammy Gibbs 2020-03-14
Rory - Jen Rivera 2020-08-16

NW3 Element titles earned in 2020
Turkish Andrea Stone 2020-08-28
Evelyn Liza Lundell 2020-10-30 Basenji
Turkish Andrea Stone 2020-11-12
Ph'nx Linda Daves Siekert 2020-08-08

Element titles earned in 2020
L1C (Level 1 Containers)
Rory Jen Rivera 2020-07-05
L1V (Level 1 Vehicles)
Rory Jen Rivera 2020-11-29 Basenji
Turkish Andrea Stone 2020-12-12 Basenji
NITRO Lisa Hart 2020-12-12
L1I (Level 1 Interiors)
Turkish Andrea Stone 2020-03-15
L1E (Level 1 Exteriors)
NITRO Lisa Hart 2020-12-13
L2I (Level 2 Interiors)
Rory Jen Rivera 2020-11-07

Elite titles for 2020
ELT1 (Elite Trial 1, earned by accumulating 150 points at Elite Division Trials)
ELT2 ( earned by accumulating 400 points at Elite Division Trials)
Ford Linda Daves Siekert 2020-10-16
Ford Linda Daves Siekert 2020-03-01

Fun. . .

Carol Mount - Psst. Arcade. I can tell if you break your down.

S K-M - He doesn't care if there is no bird in there; the felt will do just fine.

2002 - The Little Red Lentil.

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