The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXI, Issue 4, November 2017

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Surprise Party for Uschi. . .

Jubilee surprise party for me !!
by Uschi Grewe (photos by Gisela Schaber)

On October 1st, '17 we drove to Lorch, our sighthound club, for training. Was not really in the mood as the evening before because the weather was not so pleasant. But Friedhelm said, "We WILL go", and the weather was good, all day long!

What I did not know was that a lot of friends are waiting for us to celebrate my 30 year of breeding Basenjis under the affix "ti-n Abou Teka"!

Dagmar Herhoffer, who got her Fiona years ago from me, organized this party and all the other wonderful friends helped all together, old ones and also newer ones with kids where there!

So amazing and emotional!!! I was given lots of presents and a card with signatures and a wonderful text.

Even Theresa from the sighthound club was there as we also had a "professional" race with her as our hare executor.
Diego and AJ demonstrated how a race has to be done as registered racers at a official race with race shirts and muzzles. After their run the fun for the others began.

We then had a wonderful day with coffee, cake and food!

Many, many thanks to all my dear friends!

Editor: - Dagmar Herhoffer contacted me during the summer, asking for some memories of Uschi and my friendship. Uschi's first basenji, Lady, was the daughter of my Apu Taxi, living in Zurich with the great Swiss art dealor, Thomas Ammann. My memory was that he picked her up in a limo and named her "Taxi".

In the spring of 2000, Uschi came her and took my puppy, "Grit", back on the plane with her. She named him "Shakka" - Int. Champion DT(VHD) Klub Ch Apu Peas an Hominy.

In 2002 I took a trip to Germany to see Uschi and even had the fun to help show dogs at the Specialty that year in Dortmund. I won the Champion class with dear sweet Figo. The judge was Robert Cole. A wonderful memory.

Figo liked Robert Cole

Breeder's Class - Dortmund, 2002.

Taggi, Uschi, Shakki, me, Susan G.

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