The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XXI, Issue 3, August 2017

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Our Match - 7 May 2017 . . .

NOTRA Meet in the morning.
Tutu was Best in Meet, with Liner second.

See how these dogs who we know won't walk on wet grass for a pee, are paying absolutely no mind to the W E A T H E R. . .

Bambi Memorial Veggie Eating Contest

Rose did well! She didn't eat the carrot or Tomato, left teeth marks in the celery. Came in 3rd after super-speedy Guinness (perfect score and shortest time) and Guiseppi, also perfect score. And she slapped Guinness away from his third plate!

Trick Dogs

Gilda Hoopla, Tutu pirouette.

Luke and Gilda

Hannah and Natalie had been to the circus the week before. They saw a dog act where one dog jumped over another.
They came up with this trick for Obike, wherein Hannah put her foot on Natalie's knee, making a bridge for Obike.

He jumped over her leg, and went under it. Was the BEST thing!!!

Sure enough, the sun came out after we cleaned up, as we were saying see you laters .

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