The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XXI, Issue 3, August 2017

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Match Report, 7 May 17

by Reporterdog, Fernnut.         

The weather was Icicles, I swear !

Huge thanks to:

Sue Schulz for stepping in for Malley Heinlein, who is stuff suffering from the continution of her Lyme disease.

Photos by S K-M and Natalie Culver.

Since the weather was, so to say, inclement, we had to abbrieviate, and leave out some classes.

One of my favorite quotes from Sue, "My judges' sheets are melting."

Fern meet and greet with her niece. She hasn't seen her in 5+ years. "Hey, Cybele, you look just like my sister, Scarlet. Oh, she's your mom."

R E S U LT S ! ! !

Musical Sits - 1. Guy Noir, 2. Guiseppe, 3. Stella, 4. Lorenzo.

Musical Downs - W E T!!!, did we say! 1. Luke, 2. Lorenzo, 3. Obike.

Best Wrinkles - 1. Caesar, 2. Zipper, 3. Gilda, 4. Cairo.

Curliest Tail - 1. Gilda, 2. Rip, 3. Caesar, 4. Cairo.

Most Beautiful Coat - 1. Gilda, 2. Rip, 3. Cairo, 4. Caesar.

Best Dog Tricks - ALL! - Gilda, Luke, Harley, Tutu, Obike.

Bambi Memorial Veggie Eating Contest - 1. Guiness, 2. Guiseppe, 3. Rose, 4. Luke.

We curtailed the rest of the classes because of weather. It was a unanimous decision. And the judge said her sheets were melting.

Donna Hess with Sunny, who is saying hellos to her "suemaw" (breeder).

Our potluck vegetarian lunch was the Very Best Ever, even though the weather was not. We were joined by friends from the race meet. And Cybele scanned the table on tippy toes.

Our judge, Sue Schulz, with Hannah (in pink) & Hanna (red & white).

Dressed for the race meet.

Note the sky....

It got worse.

Cairo with Michael Primeau and his breeder, Sue S.

Frieze with Silken puppies - watching the race meet.

Guinness 2nd year in a row Veggie Eating Contest Winner!

Sarah & Rocco and Guiseppe and Lorenzo, Veggie Eating Contest.


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