The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 2, May 2021

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Do Like I/We Do.

Jackie Dering - Our trainer took this. She had an extra client. Harley just is the funniest!

Attitude! This is how we chill at Dún Saorsa. Phaser Stone.

Karla Schreiber's California Girl, Tzo (New World Let's Do The Time Warp) - using her dew claw to "assist" in holding a fork. Her owner's caption was " she's using the cutlery"... lol!!

Jon Wojick - "Pups."

Tank! and China Blue Hodges posing with a neat mural.

Matchy Matchy, Cherry Woo.

Mark your calendars!

Tailgate Luncheon/Meeting, June 26th, at LVCC NOTRA, in Ringoes, NJ.

Raffle will drawn that day.

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Some historical pics.

Les Siddall
I came across the picture in Our Dogs Annual in 1950. The dog was Fairy of the Congo and was owned by Miss Graziella Violet Cecilia Bowden Smith of Guernsey. The photo was taken by E W Dunn and captioned "Tony's Guard". How about the dog's amazing collar let alone Tony's Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit.

Basenji group belonging to Betty Anderson at Leeds review in 1950 photo of daughter Margaret Aynscugh.

1905, Berlin Zoo, Bosc the basenji.

Ruth Kamen, 1973

S K-M, 1979. Veronica Tudor Williams used this for her notepaper.

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