The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 3, August 2020

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©2020, Culver, Science Will Win.

Leaf says, "Wear a mask".

In place of RVW meetings, here's an excellent new book to read. + An oldie that is very very good.


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As the Tail Turns:


Lisa Marshalls' Miranda, doing some nosework.

We had a lot of fun together. This is nosework class 2014. ??
Just to give you an idea.. the breeze took the odor from the little canister up above Miranda's head down behind that rear tire and flap, across to the vehicle behind me that you can't see, to an exhaust pipe right of the tire underneath the truck, and finally to the tire. After sniffing the tire a bunch, Miranda followed it up and found the source.
It is awesome to watch them work.

Nicholas Marsicano with his dog, CH Apu Flash, and CH Apu the Sweet Cheat Gone, and Apu Follow That Cab.
around 1998 - Cohen photo

Don and Jo Lunetta with James and Cricket. (1980s.)

CH Apu's Precocious Pickpocket, shown by the then, Terri Lazaro, at Boardwalk KC. 1976.

Bomabwa Blushing Bride - 1975

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