The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 4, November 2018

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As the Tail Turns:

to Sue:from Dotty Cohen

2001 - Maybe you would like to use this for the next Wrinkler:

I too have the wrong dog. I was told that Jazz was destructive, chewed
everything she could get her mouth on, kept trying to run away and
numerous other wrongs. I have not had the slightest bit of trouble
with her, indeed she is so well behaved that sometimes I just look at her
in amazement. The day that I brought her home, and not knowing this
dog at all, I still took a chance and in the evening I took her to bed
with me. I don't think that she had ever been in a bed and all that she
did was to curl up under the blanket and go to sleep for the night.

Jazz likes to go out in the evening but where I live there is a lot of
traffic at all times and so she walks up to the corner and just sits
there to watch the cars go by. She would sit there for a half hour if I
would let her. Does this every night ! Needless to say, she won't do
this in the rain, just runs back to the house.

Does anybody have a Basenji who puts out a foot to save herself from
falling? We were on the way to out vet a week or so ago and had to stop
short to avoid an accident. Jazz was sitting on my CHEST so she could
navigate and when the car stopped short, she put out her right foot
straight to the dash board so that she wouldn't fall. If we had not see
this there is no way we could believe it and we haven't stopped laughing

Love always,

Subject: More silly stuff!
Date: 5/2/01 9:14 PM

Bet you thought I got lost somewhere? No such luck!!

Here it is, 11 p.m. and I just sat down to check my mail. Jazz is curled up on my bed munching her bone, Sam is in bed and I'm in the kitchen.

The last Wrinkler was absolutely great and such fun to read. The article about hogging the bed was completely accurate. Remember, when the kids were both here, they made themselves an arrangement and when both were satisfied, Fula went to sleep for the night but Poet ran in and out from under the covers. This one lays right across the top of the bed and won't move, even when I'm ready to go to sleep. Gives me a look to kill and dares me to make myself comfortable. Give you one guess who wins!! Not always me!!!

Time to give it up for the night--I' m going to bed.

Love, Dotty

Date: 1/29/01 7:26 PM

Hi again!

Funny story---Jazzie is finally beginning to eat all the things that the kids ate such as veggies (thrown out into the hall to get her out of the kitchen). Tonite she scarfed down, of all things, 4-bean salad, but with olive oil and vinegar. Also contained all the other veggies that the others liked plus a few extras like red and green peppers, onions, carrots, celery, etc. We both sat and stared at her and laughed! She just couldn't get enough and licked her chops for five minutes.

Guess I'm still doing it right with this little imp.



Happy Halloween!

Cybele Armen

Cane Arancio

Merry Xmas!!!

©2017, Heike Föllscher

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