The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIV, Issue 3, August, 2010

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the Basenjis in Motels. . .

contest winners are:

Deb Joslin’s Cody & Karli

This is from the Basenji Nationals in Rhode Island when Cody won High in Trial for Agility in both standard and jumpers. 

Chris Maxka’s Taffy & Hanzi

That's Taffy in bed.

Brother Hanzi in the TP .

S K-M's pack

iPhone photo, "Bas as Landscape."

The Stewarts’s pack

(they have their own traveling motel)

Trog & Xander

Scotty & Xander

Debby Mayer’s Lulu


Lulu hasn’t spent that much time in hotels or motels . . . more pertinent to her experience is our home in Hudson, where she has now spent half her life. Downstairs consists of three large rooms: the music room; the middle room, where we hang out; and the kitchen/eating area (we both eat there), with a WC and laundry roomette. These are the Public Rooms. Upstairs are the Living Quarters, consisting of the bedroom, Lulu’s room, bathroom, dressing room, and my office. For an inordinately long time this spring/sum-mer, we’ve endured a partial renovation of the upstairs bathroom. This requires large men to arrive at 8 a.m. and tromp up the stairs, through the bedroom and the dressing room, to the bathroom, where they’ve replaced the tub and tiles and repainted the walls.

Lulu, I’ve realized, is horrified at this breach of our quarters. I mean, she’s ten, and she has a strong sense of propriety, which, in her eyes, I lack. The men are perfectly nice and have their own dogs at home, but still. She stares at me, demanding to know why I allow this to happen: Have you no pride? She dogs my steps, afraid that I might possibly leave her in charge of the situation. The worst days are when we have to leave the men upstairs by themselves and go to the office (like me, Lulu is a woiking goil). Returning in the evening, we both rush upstairs, me to check out the work, Lulu to search each room, confirming that no intruder remains.

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