The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIV, Issue 3, August, 2010

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"Beauty" by Karen Sahulka

Barry Rosen photo of Guy Noir

New Titles:

The Stewarts’ Xander got his SOR (Senior Oval Racer) + his 1st Rally leg - DC Meisterhaus Deal or No Deal SC FCh GRC SOR.

Chris Maxka’s SunDiata's Loki Motion (Roxy) finished her AKC championship - Ch. SunDiata's Loki Motion. Roxy is from daddy Pi's first litter, & makes this little litter of 3 brindle girls an all champion litter.  She is Pi's 6th champion.

Susan Marsicano’s Scarlet & Fern qualified for their TDIA titles  -(Therapy Dog International Active).

Brenda Phillip’s Border Terrier, Captain got his NAJ.

Bonnie Henderson’s Whippet Ghillie earned his MACH 3.

Kathryn Ladick’s  Mara got her JC (Junior Courser)- Worrywort Another Mara at Jaroufa JC.

Kathryn Ladick’s Rocky got his SGRC4 & his JC – Kiroja Chicago Hood at Jaroufa SGRC4 ORC JC.  

Karen Christensen’s Tutu got her SGRC – FC Apu Pi De Deux SC SGRC ORC. Tuts is the #1 NOTRA Basenji.

Susan Marsicano’s M got her Open Preferred Agility title (OAJ) – Ch. Apu Little Red Lentil RE AX MXJ NF OAP NJP NFP GRC CGC TDIA MVB.

Kudos to:

Susan Marsicano’s Guy Noir  got his FIRST agility Q with a 1st Place.

Chris Maxka’s Pirandello won a 4 pt major.

Susan Marsicano’s Scarlet is still running undefeated in racing this year & won a few more Best in Meets. She is currently #1 Ba in LGRA.

The Stewarts’Annie the whippet won a Group 4!!!, along with some breed pts. Xander & Trog continue to do well lure coursing.

The Cranes went to Virginia in May & took Marco to visit his Granny (Damara) & his Auntie Jane!!  They both looked good and so did all of Marco's relatives!!

Susan K-M, Lottie Hotaling, & Frey Johnsson rescued a litter of feral kittens …… story on page 11.

Erin Fogarty’s Tutsi achieved the age of 16. “Tutsi has just spent the past 30 minutes outside looking for the cat she believes has passed across the property. Every inch of fence-line has been checked & she even mana-ged a trip under the house (where she hasn't been able to crouch to get un-der for a few months now).  She has just returned to the office, snorted at me as if to say: ‘Well, I've solved the cat problem’, & has now retired to a bed by the heater."

Sue Schulz is out there competing at horse shows & doing really great!
Sue & Whitney

The Voss's Bella and Sophie passed the ORT (Nosework) for Birch.

Feel Better:

Rhoda Johnson-Byrne’s Lily.

Jeanne Fitzsimmons’s mom.

New Additions:

Lisa Osenni got a new Icelandic Horse filly, name of Embla.

The Maxkas have moved & have a new house.

Brenda Phillips added Nike to the house-hold. “Several of you will laugh and say ‘well, duh!’ when I tell you that I have a new puppy.

Many times I've borrowed puppies from friends to train, or fostered rescues from shelters, & never did I feel tempted to keep him or her. So when this little boy came to visit, that's all it was, a play visit.

But something was different about him from the day he got here:
He's so quick to learn. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this guy.
Lucy is happy to have another hound in the house, but Captain & Nike are thick as thieves."

Hy & Ceceile Baker adopted the adorable beagle mix “Emma Goldman.”

Our Condolences to:

Carol Castellino on the passing of Zoey, well into her seniority. Zoey was a nice big furry love of a girldog & mama/great buddy to several basenjis. What a great life she had!

Chris Maxka on the sudden, tragic loss of Ginger. “We've just received horrible, horrible news.  This morning, our SunDiata's Tangawizi Ginger, a pretty little show girl living in Tucson with a very nice family, was fatally attacked & killed by a wild javelina (wild pig).
It is not known how she got out of her yard, which has never happened before, & her owner was shooshing her back into the yard when she caught a whiff of something in the brush, went to investigate, and suffered a horrible death in a matter of seconds.  Please give your little ones a hug and a never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

 Patricia Pergola Rivers & family on the passing of Chauncey. - see Page 5.

Uschi & Freidhelm Grewe's Elahi
- Multi CH. Elahi ti-n Abou Teka- 1. Jan. 1995 - 19. May 2010 “...we are sooooo sad! As long as her life was, so deep was our friendship! Elahi crossed the rainbow bridge just shy of 15 1/2 years.
S K-M photo of Freidhelm, Taggi, Badia, Perisade, Elahi, Aug. 2002.

The Millers’s Ruby, in the editor’s mind’s eye, is reunited with her breeder, Jann DeLee. – see Page 5

Special condolences to Betty Ayres on the sudden loss of Poodle, Clifford, to cancer, at under 6 yrs old.

Barry Rosen photo

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(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

President....Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni Mackey
Secretary.....Debby Mayer
Treasurer & BCOA Liaison… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Karen P. Christensen, Tom DeLee, Natalie Harner, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara E. Allen & Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

Roy Schecter..Music Director

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