The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIV, Issue 3, August 2010

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Karen P. Christensen


I got a good laugh today as I was admiring Laser. He turned 12 in February and is in pretty good shape physically, and has just a sprinkling of white hairs amid the deep red of his muzzle. His eyeliner is smudging a little, but if I didn't tell you all his whiskers used to be black the fact that they are now white wouldn't give away his age. But I just noticed that inside each ear is a tuft of silvery hair! Maybe 5 - 10 hairs, little clump near the base at the inner edge. Is this the basenji equivalent of graying at the temples? I think he looks really distinguished!

Donna Hess

Nora had her first successful hunting day yesterday. The rabbit mom who has been destroying my plantings had her litter under my shed. Nora "witched" them all our yesterday and dispatched them, proudly leaving them at the back door. On a gross note, just like she chews the feet and arms off all her were the dead bunnies...

Joe Stewart

Trog is kitchen test dog extra-ordanaire. The girls always get to clean out his ears after his head has been in the casserole dish.

Susan K-M

Rearranging things in the living room. See Fern not sure about a sculpture she never saw on eye level before.


Judy Stuart

Cute!  Would you believe--I bought a stuffed cat one time?  If you wound it up, it would take a few steps, meow & sit down.  One of my B's sniffed under its tail!

Erin Fogarty

Tutsi was out of bed early supervising my breakfast routine from the couch and when I looked over at her I suddenly realized how much she resembles the knight on the chess board when she sits with that extreme arched neck. Right now she looks more like a Chelsea bun, all curled around and around. I really do feel so lucky to still have her. (She just turned 16!)

Kim McNeill

I just sort of stumbled across this idea for pilling a dog. We had green chili cheeseburgers (homemade) and sweet pot french fries and peach cobbler for dessert. I went to give the boyz their pills and saw the saved "dog" fries and just stuffed that little pink pill in that french fry. easy peasy, and down the gullet it went - don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. The sweet pot fries are really very, very good. Zest was eating the peaches as I cut them up for the cobbler. Boyz weren't interested in them. Zest has the stomach of a lab. 

Tamara E. Allen

Wednesday night I was foraging for food in the cupboard - I spied a food-saver canister, and thought, woo, I wonder if that is where Dennis put the Milton crackers. I picked up the canister from the top, and the lid popped off - coffee beans not crackers in that canister - and they all spilled all over the floor. Of course, Andiamo did basenji teleporting from the couch to the kitchen and tried to nab those kibble looking treats off the floor. I, a good basenji owner, dropped on the floor and flung my body over the spilled beans to create a barrier between the beast and the beans while I scooped spilled beans with my hands.  Behind my feet, I hear her smacking her dog lips - oh crap - I think she got a bean - so I drop the beans in my hand - spin, grab the beast - cram four fingers into her mouth and probe for the damn bean. Nothing, so I release her jaw - smack smack smack - crap, I missed the bean, so I grab the jaw again and probe - still nothing - smack smack smack - I went back to scooping the little caffeine pills. Fast forward to 3 am. She leaps out of bed & literally bounces around the room - get her back in bed - boom - out she goes rolling around & running around the room like a dog on meth.

(but she’s fine)

Anne MacMillan

I confess, I guess I am a bad "mom".  My 3 sleep anywhere they please, my bed, the couch, on big floor 'dog pillows' that are everywhere, computer chair (always a favorite).  But in all these years I have never bought them any of the foam-high-sided oval 'dog beds'.  

Yesterday at a yard sale, I picked up one for $1.00, probably too small for any of my dogs, but thought ...what the heck.  Brought it home and put it on the couch, in about 5 minutes my Nicky was curled up in it.  Soon she was overflowing it, but most of her was in it.  

Later in the evening, Eddie manage to get a turn...about half of Ed fit in that little bed.  This morning everyone is still asleep, but Topper came out to the living room with me, I just looked over and he is curled up in the little snuggle bed as well.  That is the best dollar I ever spent, but I think I need to start shopping for "real" dog beds (next size larger) for them all!  Of course, Murphy's Law, I'll buy 3 nice ones and they probably won't go near them!

Denise Haws

Reach and drive has new meaning in our household...

Saturday John and spent the day at the local Farmer's Market picking out the best ingredients for our Mother's Day meal.  Fresh greens; local radishes; and the best part fresh pork sausage brats.

Sunday, after all the veggies were ready, I took the sausage out of the fridge to bring to room temp before grilling...Indy had other ideas....  Tis-a Arrugas Indiana Bones, JC, Indy to those who know and love him, decided to reach on to the counter with his very long legs and snatch those sausages right off the plate.  That rear drive... took him around the back yard just far enough to keep him out of our reach.  He ate them all...all three of them!  So much for our wonderful Mother's Day dinner.  And he didn't even burp!!!

I believe this is something only basenji folks can understand....Our 2 older dogs, Buzz and Diva are getting up in age and so are we! Recently, we put a pillow top on our bed. The topper added about 3-4 inches to an already tall bed. Buzz has decided he "can't" jump up on the bed and needs to be lifted...Diva on the other hand takes a running leap from the hall and lands smack dab in the middle. You see, when you invite Diva to sleep with you she makes a b-line. But...they are a matched set, brother and sister, having lived most of their lives together with us. Buzz being uncomfortable getting on the bed is just not an option.

So......Friday my hubby, John, has decided to take the day off to spend with me. He has been out of town for 3 1/2 weeks and will return tonight and I convinced him that after working 21+ days in a row, a long weekend is in order...and Friday is going to be a "hunny do" day. He doesn't know yet but we are going to spend the day on Friday re-arranging the bedroom and buying a bench to put at the foot of the bed for Buzz!

Yes they own us and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Tiina Taavitsainen

Neela LOVES sticks....and she loves to retrieve them - the others wait until she has retrieved them from the water and then they run around chasing her and the stick.

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