The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 1, February 2021

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That Monkey Tail mustache trend ain’t working for me. Joe Stewart


Happy Birthday Frobies! Phillips

Just wanted to let you know what a joy the Wrinkler is. It’s like a small town newspaper in that it gives us news about our fellow club members, lets us celebrate the triumphs and sympathize with heartbreaks. It is also much nicer than many small town newspapers are in that the writing and editing are so well done. It also includes lots of photos of beautiful dogs, which is a major plus on all counts. Thank you for all the time and energy you devote to the Wrinkler. It is much appreciated.

Peggy, Eric, Tiegan & Miles

About the November Wrinkler!

Kim McNeill
such a nice bright spot in my day

Jackie Krenetz Dering
Lovely issue!

Andrea Stone
Cover girl - she makes me happy

Uschi Grewe
Susan, this issue is great, of course as you have put AJs farewell story in and then the pic from his trone on our terrasse, so funny. And yes, as the others read it from front page until last page. Took me a while, don't read it at once. Love the wrinkler, as always!

Donna Hess
I also don't like to read it all at once. I check out all the pages, then read it over a few days. It's too good to be done with it all at once, it must be savored!!!

Tamara Allen
My favorite. In my dining room so I can admire it at least once a day. I have appointments this week and will enjoy the distraction of reading the Wrinkler which will be the highlight of my week.

Kipawa Harder
It's always a joy to read The Wrinkler - thank you Susan and team!

Andrea Stone
That peanut soup looks good!

Barbara Reisinger
I've made something similar and it was delish!!
Lovely issue, Susan. I enjoyed it from cover-to-cover!

Lisa Marshall
I love everything about this issue (as usual!). I am going to try the baked apples! Reminded me of reading Doris Lessing’s description in The Golden Notebook I think?

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Lisa I love Doris Lessing.

Susan Kamen Marsicano I know! We share that appreciation for her!

Yvonne 't Mannetje
A lovely issue as usual Susan. Cried over the IM page, Dana and her auntie together. They only hurt you once in a lifetime, and that is when they die ?

Patricia Pergola-Rivers
I looked through it briefly last night and lived all the pics!! I look coward to taking my time and looking at each page today! It's so well written and artsy!!!

Karla Kraus Schreiber
A fun and interesting issue as always! Like Andrea Stone I'm also interested in that peanut soup!

Chris O'Rear
Waiting to read it tomorrow morning, I don't want to rush through it

Annechien Smith
Probably first time I read it from A to Z in one go between puppy training, well done, varied and interesting as usual. Loved the article about you Susan Kamen Marsicano, you have not got a boring life! The magazine mentions an article "A fail-safe way to teach your dog to love toys". Is it any good? My mad puppy loves her toys and we play a lot with them, but I have always failed to get my older dogs to enjoy them. Any good advice?

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Annechien I thought basenjis didn't play with toys until I gave them the opportunity. That's all is needed.

Annechien Smith
Susan Kamen Marsicano i always have had lots of toys and after the initial interest it wears off quickly. Trying to get them interested had poor results. Any kind of puzzle with food in it worked well though but you can't feed them all day!

Annechien Smith
Also interesting to see the video about harnesses. I find it rather controversial and not convincing, however. Similar the sit exercise, Damia has always sat even when not wanted, such as in the showring, but I shall certainly reflect on it more! So thanks for a very enjoyable issue!

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Annechien I totally agree about harnesses. I believe they are certainly a no no for youngsters, whose growth plates are not closed.

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Annechien - The piece on "Sit" is not an exercise. It is the writing of a fabulous dog trainer. I'll always give Turid Rugaas the time of day. Her ideas have helped me very much in the past. "Calming Signals, on Talking Terms with your Dogs" I believe should be in everyone's library. Read about her.

Karen Christensen
I don't think Calliope was working any muscles at all when she plopped her tuches on my forehead at the hotel at the BA Nationals in 1998...

Sue Schulz
Absolutely cherish the Wrinklers! Thank you Susan for all your loving efforts!

Wendy Hodges
Love the issue. I was surprised to see Trace’s “No dog is an island” photo. I’m honored you picked it to include in The Wrinkler.

Tamara Allen
Lovely to read the article in Showsight magazine.


The Maddie Chronicles:

The Two Legs told me it was a New Year and I will have to try to keep my resolutions. Who made a resolutions? I am The Shadow, the perfect whippet bitch. As such I stopped making any resolutions as everyone knows I’m gonna be the same sassy enforcer in the battle against Sketchyness. Then I heard it. I heard them talking Die Ates!!!!! That Is Not a Resolution. That is a Violation of the Maddie Accords!!!! The devious Blonde instigator was talking about it. She was discussing a clear bland diet and drinking Moviprep. Then she said something about some person and shoving a tube up a Bum. That normally means a trip to the Poke and Stick place and I ain’t going. They tried to give me away last time. The Blonde can just go herself and get something shoved in her nether region. Well, the Bald Dude beat me to what I was thinking. He told her “Well, I guess you’ll be blowing it out your ass then.”

Regardless, This is cause for an Inpawrection! I demand my inalienable rights to warm eggies and bacon and My Butt is sovereign territory! I discussed options with the Proud Piddles and we marched on the Bedroom. I secured a left shoe and there may or may not have been some violence rendered on site. I even deleted their access to Pawbook accounts In fact I may have made a New Years Resolution after all. I will “Dig a little Deeper” this year.

I’m thinking two or three feet under will hide the evidence.
Maddie out!

The Maddie Chronicles:

Oh My Dog! They tried to get rid of me! They gave me away! Those Two Legs reached the heights of Sketchy. I may or may not have hurt myself piddling around in the backyard. Neither the Piddles nor I are admitting anything. I have been a bit yarky since Sunday and the Blonde Two Legs decided I had to revisit the Poke and Stick place. This normally means a masked man plays Pawti-cake while the Blonde strokes my brow.

Instead, the Biatch gave me away. She carried me to the door and handed me to a Two Legged Pawnapper and walked away. I was alone and they got Personal. They felt me! They rubbed me! The put things in my butt and said I wasn’t hot! I am too hot! I am the most beautiful whippet they’re gonna see. They called and I heard the sketchy Bald Two Legs answer so I know he was involved too. After years, Maybe a bit less but it felt like years, of unwanted poking and touching those Pawverts released me back unto my Two Legs. I saw candy exchanged by the Blonde for my release. I was paroled by a Ferro Rocher gift set! I refused all treats and beat up Bolt upon reentry because he should have protected me! Stupid Playhound.

I’ve been give multiple chicken strips but someone’s left shoe is getting dunked!!! I’m just not sure if it will be in the leafy pond or the flushy bowl! Maddie Out.

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Katie Campbell
This is one of the coolest photos of a breech birth that I have ever seen! Great photo, Irena!