The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XV, Issue, February 2011

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Stuff, Stuff, Stuff. . .

Segment Bakers' Dozen, Niner, Hip Hop & Trill - S K-M

  Originally appearing as breed columns in the American Kennel Club's AKC Gazette magazine, Marcia Woodard's funny and touching stories of her dog Kona combine to give a portrait not only of crazy Kona, but of Marcia, her husband, and their extended Basenji family. With full-color photographs to showcase the beauty of this ancient African breed, Collected Kona appeals to all lovers of animals, as well as fans of the famous "barkless" dog.
Posters for the Basenji Health Endowment
Lunetta/Kamen BHE Quilt, Kiafrika Azima, Kiafrika Azima 2, Twin Towers Tight Rope, The Bakers’ Dozen.
Signed, limited edition, archival prints of all 5 posters still available.

FMI on how to order club stuff

Club Gear - coming soon, online storefront to order gear embroidered with club images. I promise to do this. Anyone have a good ideaR how?

Part of Twin Towers Tight Rope

Collars & Slip Leads

Richard Gallione

Beautiful collars. “Master’s Pride.”
or (888) 283-7575

H.R. Hoerr / LTD Leathergoods

Leather Lure Coursing & Obedience Leashes

760/789-5643 or

Hogan Leathers:


Training, Etc.

Clean Run

The Whole Dog Journal

Affordable Agility (equipment)

HiTop Dog Training

Nancy Banask

High Goal Farm

Wendy Cerelli

Dog coats

Montana Dogware - Fido Fleece coats

Glitter lure coursing jackets + non-glitter too

Donna Rotman Miner


Omaha Vaccine or (800) 367-4444

KV Vet or (800) 423-8211

Misc. very nice stuff

Lotte Schaeffer 
Sculptures & dolls, “Serious Art with a Touch of Whimsy.”

Hand Made Xpen Covers
Foxy Roxy Creations

Dog Jewelry
Jacquie Cookingham - (845) 758-8511

William & Shirley Wagner
WiSh Crafts” Basenji sun catchers, stained glass. Special orders from your own photos.  (508) 543-6651

Metropolitan Museum Store

Dog food online: 


Highly recommended books/DVDs:

Temple Grandin - "Animals in Translation"

Patricia McConnell - "The Other End of the Leash"

Turid Rugaas – “On Speaking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals”

Leslie Nelson – “Really Reliable Recall” (DVD)

Michael Reed Gach – “Acupressure’s Potent Points”

Denise Como - "Sighthounds Afield," "Running Sighthounds"

Marcia Woodard - Collected Kona, Brief Takes on a Basenji


Health Listings:

W. Jean Dodds DVM –

11561 Salinaz Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Tel #: 714-891-2022 - Fax #: 714-891-2123

Forms for Thyroid testing

Dr. Dodds' Vaccine Protocol

Liver Cleansing Diet

Canine Phenome Project

CERF- Canine Eye Registration Foundation

OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Fanconi Information
Dr. Steve Gonto

Lily Update/Rhoda Johnson-Byrne

Lily had her 3-month follow-up with her oncologist at UC Davis and I can give you the latest news!  The chest x-ray was clear, her lymph nodes are normal and the two other lumps that recently developed were aspirated and confirmed as lipomas.  Our excellent local vet aspirated and came to the same conclusion but I wanted the oncologist's opinion.  So our lovely Lilykins is doing wonderfully well in this regard! 

Last week she came up lame in her left rear leg.  It's an off/on thing which is odd.  She's on Previcox but it's not helping as much as we'd like to see.  And she's being a stinker about taking her Proin for incontinence.  We have both the chewables and the liquid and she hates both.  Now she's suspicious of every medium we use, even the ones she used to love.  Here's a photo of her eyes.

Lily eyes

I am doing okay, thank you.  The eye problem persists so I'm rarely on the computer these days.  An MRI ruled out a brain tumor (yay!) so the neurologist thinks the aura that preceeds my migraines never went away.  The disturbances may eventually go away, or not.  She also said the brain can learn to "ignore" them so I'll no longer see it, but it's been almost 5 months now.  She said my case was very unusual.  Lucky me.  Sadly, reading is my most favorite pass-time and this has made doing that (or anything visual) a challenge so I mostly avoid it.  The strain of trying to see around blind spots and flashing light is fatiguing and leads to more headaches.  I'm hoping one of these days that all the weird stuff will go away when the next headache does. 

 Thanks again for your note and for thinking of us. 


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