The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue 1, February 2019

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Feedback. . .

Sunny Hess and her bookends.

The Face that Launched a Thousand Treats (with his bib on). Bolt


from Benji Chuvala:

Pi Butterworth happy with his gifts.

"I got my Santa Paws exchange gifts today. They were awesome toys! Ollie loves them but wants to play with them on top of Penelope’s head. The struggle is real." Patricia Rivers

About the November Wrinkler!

Brenda Phillips Can't wait to take a look later tonight

Jackie Dering So nice to get back from a trip to find the Wrinkler waiting for me. Thanks for another great issue.
Luke’s been reading with me. Harley is curled up by the radiator.

Debby Mayer On the first lookthrough, I love the poem about growing old with one's dogs. And Sizzle is very pleased to be right up front!

Lisa Marshall The story about Claudia and the crow is wonderful.
And the story about the limousine crash - so tragic

Karen Christensen Lisa, we were just so sad about it after one of the people at the lure trial we were at said they had to detour getting home - I looked up on web and found details (as they were at the time...). things can change in an instant...
Susan K-M Karen - as we drove by that exit.

Uschi Grewe Loved it!!

Linda Butterworth Oh thank you !!was worried you were not publishing one

Kim McNeill Always enjoy your hard work. So many good things in there.

Patricia Pergola-Rivers Can’t wait to settle down with a glass of wine and read it! Thx Susan!!!

Lisa Stewart Great read

Lotta Olsson Hio is in it not one, but two pics!! Thank you so much ??

Peggy Pick Delightful as always. So well done with great photos and articles.

Kipawa Harder The Wrinkler is always very enjoyable to read. Thank you Susan for putting this out there for all of us basenji lovers to enjoy.

Linda Butterworth Always some informative articles and enjoyable photos and stories

The Newly Reopened 23rd Street F/M Station Has Already Gone To The Dogs
(Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

After being closed for four months of renovations, the 23rd Street F/M station reopened on Thursday with a doggone great new look, including new benches, glass doors, clear and concise video screens, and best of all, a series of dog mosaic tributes to everyone's favorite hangdogs, the Weimaraner. Is this the MTA giving New Yorkers an implicit signal that dogs belong on the subway? I and my stoic friends below choose to believe.

The dogs are the handwork of artist William Wegman, part of his "Stationary Figures" series of photos of his own Weimaraners, in which they take on human attributes by wearing raincoats and flannel, or by gazing into space or down the platform as if waiting for the train. There are eleven glass mosaic panels of the dogs, fabricated by Mayer Of Munich, spread out throughout the station.

"I wanted to create portraits of individual characters, people who you might see next to you on the platform," said Wegman, who has lived in the neighborhood with his dogs Flo and Topper for decades. "For these I dressed the dogs in more or less ordinary clothes, nothing too fashionable. I was very interested in the way in which photographs, even the out of focus dogs in the background of some images, could be translated into mosaic by Mayer of Munich, who skillfully turned grey stones into grey dogs."

When your dog doesn’t like to pee in the rain... ??
Katya Sharma

The Maddie Chronicles:

I’m pondering Imponderables. The Bald Two Legs abandoned me this morning without rendering unto me my warm cheese eggies. This sketchy breach of protocol had a direct impact on my belly fullness and warmth. But he was gone so I was unable to properly admonish him. He will eventually find the hat that I disciplined as his proxy. Removing the visor should allow him to see the light and error of his actions.

He came home talking about ice and snow. I did a quick look outside and I think he’s lost it. Grass, toys, dead bird all where I left them. Well they were until that Bald Boob went out and collected all of them and threw away my bird. I flipped him the pawbird but he was not paying attention.

Now he could have atoned with groceries but all he brought back was Ice Melt, eggies, toilet paper, and milk. I don’t know what recipe that makes but it isn’t chicken. I deserve warm fresh from the oven chicken.

In fact as I ponder I realize I did not get my extra hour of beauty napping under the blankets because he left. What the Hey?!? I may have bags under my eyes. Okay, so maybe the bags came from the lunge whip in the closet he forgot to close. Again disciplinary action. He better be planning an epicurean delight for dinner otherwise the shoe I’ve relocated is a goner. The left one of course, 'cause it tastes like chicken. Hmmmm, now where did I stash it? Maddie Stewart


What The Paw!!! My outside romp area is contaminated!! Some sketchy delinquent put cold white stuff over all my pee grass! More importantly my private reserve poop spots are also affected! It’s that Sketchy, Bald Two Legs fault I just know it! He’s been layin around taunting me and my PlayHound Bolt, with the flashy red light on the floor and ceiling. He knows that causes an instinctive tail wag, high alert ear stance, and pursuit mode. This is a wiggle butt violation if a treat is not included and the Bald Boob is treatless. He did go outside and remove the white stuff from the front, but that’s Biscottis on lead walk spot. Translate that as he is providing Bitcherential Treatment to that old Parti Girl by clearing her potty spots!! Oh! Did I tell you that the white stuff has turned my prepositioned squeaky stuffed toys into tooth chipping bricks? I made a run for one, made my patented high speed, can’t nip my Tuchas snatch and got flipped by the friggin thing!! That Squeaky used Toy Fu on me! We have a disembowelment scheduled for first thaw! No one gives me a White Belt smack down in my own backyard! I shall be Avenged! There will also be an appropriate Two Legs disciplinary event. I’m thinking shoe relocation with optional heel modification, the shredding of the toilet paper roll in his bathroom, and the relocation of his TV remote to the white stuff. We are at StinkeyeCon 1. Maddie


Marcia Woodard asked for memories/reactions to Basenjis licking their humans. Here's some of what our RVW members had to say:

Andrea Stone I like it in moderation. Turkish will lick the bottoms of my feet in bed, which I kind of find relaxing.

Gage will groom me until I ask him to stop - my ears, neck and face. I let him do it for a minute or two because I think it's sweet, but I get bored. He has a very rough tongue.

Regan, Pha and Zepar like to give me kisses which again, I think is sweet but I get bored if they want to go on to long. I think they are checking what food I ate last. Same went for Boo, Delphi, and Shane.

Kip gets a major grooming every night at bedtime from Regan, and Turkish grooms his (extremely short) hair - he will even pull it. He has done this to guests too, even once going so far as to pull a friend's pony tail. He does not groom my hair.

Brenna used to REALLY give Kip the once over, even licking up inside his nostrils if he let her! She especially liked grooming him after he shaved.

S K-M My Poet dog, in 1977 or so, first dog in the ring, in Bred by, gave Anna K Nicholas a big slurpy kiss, and then ate her carnation. ?? Anna K said, “ I told them I don’t like to wear corsages.” And then he won.

Karen Christensen and then when I showed Laser to her he schlurped her - her face was eye level to his stack on the table - and she said he was a sweetie. As he was.

S K-M - can you tell about meeting Calliope?

Karen Christensen Oh, dear! Of course I first met Calliope when I got my puppy (Laser) in early May 1998 but a couple months later you told me you had entered Laser in the BCOA Specialty in Rhode Island and said we could share a room. The second night (Obedience I think) I was not feeling great so (tried to) return to the room early - I did sidetrack to let Midge Greenlee admire Laser - and ignored all your crated dogs as I settled into my bed with my little love.

You came back not much later and proceeded to walk your 6 in pairs and let each pair to settle at will after their walks. Of course their choice was to settle on my bed, so by the time the last pair was released 1) no more space on the bed and 2) bunch of dogs lying on top of the bedding made it impossible to move my arms.

Calliope, wanting a spot, found one by planting her girly bits on my forehead, facing my feet! After a few minutes of surveying her view (and of me cracking up laughing while I enjoyed my view of her bellee) she dismounted my head and turned around, and decided my face was in need of a wash. and wash. and more wash. While many basenji tongues are very soft, Peachy's was a bit abrasive, and so I enjoyed my first of many Peachy dermabrasion treatments! I had no choice - the other Apu's did not move and I was defenseless.

Calliopeachy kisses, 2005.

Karen Christensen we have major kissyface here. And I love that they wash my feet.

Amalia Roma Interestingly our girl from the Christensen house is our only face licker. She will kiss on the lips, both spontaneously and on request. The other two will slowly, gently, lovingly lick a hand or arm in a calming/bonding gesture.

S K-M Amalia - her papa, Liner gently kisses most anyone. And then in rolls on their hair.

Anne MacMillan Topper licked and rubbed wet hair. Nicky licked my feet when I dried off after a shower. Eddie licked lotion off my legs. They were quite a grooming team.

Jackie Dering Luke gives profuse kisses. Harley clearly thinks my arms and legs are not clean enough. My previous dogs were not lickers, except for after a shower. They all showed up for that.

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