The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 2, May 2021

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Piddle time. Stewart


Hip Hop by Zulu

Natalie Culver

Late night “fun & games” hunter&huntress Jasper & Ivy.

I was enjoying the breed pages in the AKC Gazette magazine (and nice pic Susan Kamen Marsicano & Goldie and fun quote fun Karen Christensen & other basenji fanciers.) looking at this with Hannah who was up well past her bedtime with me. When... I realized Jasper & Ivy had been outside ~5 mins when they usually do their late late night potty in 30 seconds or less.

I was momentarily worried, thinking maybe they had somehow gotten out of yard and worrying about coyotes this time of year, until I spotted them in the yard and realized they were not in danger, they were just very busy enjoying their first kill!

I didn’t see the deed but have to assume Ivy. Good dogs!! ? but... Dumb bunny... wish it had the smarts not to try to live inside the dog yard.

I was able to lure Jasper away with some salami, meanwhile I was calling to Ivy and tossing her bits of salami. She looked at me like I was a crazy person to think she’d leave her prize for a bit of salami lol.
She ran and grabbed the salami pieces I was throwing towards her then ran back & tossed rabbit in the air again. I didn’t want to have to wake Harry up as he’d be annoyed that I had allowed Hannah to stay up so late plus who wants to be woken up to go deal with a rabbit carcass.
So I kept trying with Ivy.

We did this several times. Me tossing salami to her, hoping to get her away from dead rabbit; her grabbing salami, racing back to rabbit & tossing it in the air again. Oh boy, what a sight. She was having a grand time and also getting salami treats lol.

I eventually got Ivy to come to me for a whole hotdog. But man was she pissed at me when I leashed her & pulled her away from “her kill” and locked her inside. She was screaming at me!

I feel a bit guilty not letting her just stay outside with it but I think she would have stayed out a LONG time I was worried she’s fight Jasper over it and it was late late already and I needed to get Hannah off to bed. Plus Hannah was worried about the dogs getting all bloody.

But Hannah and I were both happy. Hannah “I’m so happy for Ivy that she got her first rabbit!” Ivy had not a spot of blood on her, she’s stealthy! jasper, his front left a bit soiled. Lucky dogs. Ivy says I should have let her stay outside all night with it.

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Of course, their grandma, Fern, got a woodchuck a few years ago. She was bringing it in the back door. I think it weighed more than 12 pounds.

Sue Schulz And Cubby the rabbit hunter brought downt a big one when he was just 4 months old!

About the February Wrinkler!

Lisa Stewart My pups have had many adventures with their Roombas.
Sue Schulz
Absolutely cherish the Wrinklers! Thank you Susan for all your loving efforts!

Jackie Dering Wonderful issue! Love the ballers section!

Susan Kamen Marsicano Jackie thank you for proofing.

Lisa Marshall Good reading for a winter afternoon - as always!

Karla Schreiber Loved it as always!

Sue Schulz Absolutely a wonderful edition! It brought out so many emotions. This is truly a work of art and love.

Dennis Allen another great Wrinkler read Susan.

Dawn Donaldson Thank you, Susan. I finally found some time early this morning to read The Wrinkler. Very well done newsletter, as always. Lovely to see all of the beautiful dogs and hear stories about some of them, as well as their people. Though I miss Nico, I can accept that he lived a full life and it was his time to go. Kallen is a different story, being so young when he passed, and my heart is taking much more time to heal from his loss.

Uschi Grewe Today I had the time to read the RVW from page 1 to the end in once. I really, really enjoyed reading it. Must say as always. The Roomba dog poop article made me smile a lot. Another wonderfull issue, Susan - as always - I must say!

Some Edible Flowers - Nasturiums, another,


The Maddie Chronicles:

We need to talk! Who decided there was a need for a National Sketchy Day?!? I have been valiantly battling the flare ups in my household from the Bald Two Legs for quite awhile. I’m pretty sure someone out there knows just which village is missing it’s idiot. I digress. Today after some exceptional belly scritches from the Blonde Two Legs, I heard her tell the Bald Dude she had a quilt meeting and wouldn’t be home for dinner. Also that today was his National day, April Fools. The way she said it intrigued me and his reaction was not polite. He needs to keep his tongue in his mouth or use it as the great dog above intended and clean his balls. After she left, the Bald Two Legs let me out to a frigid backyard. I suspect Mr. Sketchy was involved. He then busied himself preparing corned beef hash and eggies. This is an excellent drool producer. However, rather than distributing the requisite portions as is his job he said we were all getting a special treat. He passed each of us one cheese globe. As We bit down we discovered they were cheese covered Brussels Sprouts! Those are Mother Nature’s butt nuggets.

As we reacted he announced “April Fool’s.” I was not amused! There shall be a combined left showing and Piddlewan chewing assessed for this unabashed violation of the Maddie Accords. If he hadn’t pulled out bowls filled with hash and eggs and followed with a bowl of milk you would be calling him Barefoot Joe from Kokomo for the rest of his life. Now there is still a debt due the originator of this April Fools Day foolishness. The Bald Two Legs needs no special day, nor should he be encouraged in his sketchy behavior as his cornbread ain’t baked in the middle 365 days a year. Just know this. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a laugh I can tell you I don't have a sense of humor, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let the Sketchy go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will left shoe you. Maddie Out!

The Maddie Chronicles:

Ladies and Gentlemen, What we have here......Is a general failure of communicate! I am dealing with a Sketchy Two Legs and a headstrong curly tailed butt missile. First let’s discuss the Piddlewan. As all of you understand there are certain moments in life that are not a collective event. One’s morning visit with Mother Nature to lessen her internal water pressure is just one of those solitary events. The Bald Dude entered the elder canine sleeping lounge, the Big Grrrl Bedroom, and opened the door to a sunny backyard. I stretched and rushed out to conduct a quick bunny patrol and have a wee. I could hear the Piddles fussing from their crates down the hall, but that’s between them and Mr. Sketchy. I will say the shrillness of their complaints and their language was a bit intense.

Anyway, I had completed my bunny rounds, negative rabbit contact, and was in mid squirt when the Piddle Pack was released by the Sketchy Two Legs from the house. Alita exited the doorway saying “Boogity, boogity, boogity!” With Thena on her tail. Both were clenching stuffies on their muzzles and had attain backyard race velocity for their first lap of the NASPUP Backyard 500. I was concentrating on getting my business done, but Alita failed to focus on obtaining her correct racetrack line. This resulted in Alita ramming her hedgehog in my butt and receiving the Positioned Incorrectly So Securing an Educational Demonstration On Nostrils. That’s Right! Alita was P.I.S.S.E.D. O.N. I picked myself up, as the hedgehog enema put me on my nose, and counseled her on her inappropriate behavior. I then went to counseling Mr. Chuckles, but the Bald Boob had shut the door. I whined my displeasure but was unconcerned as I can open that door myself. I reached up, secured the handle, and let myself in to discover that Sketchy SoB had closed the other door too. I scratched, I barked, I may have harmed. He claimed he could not hear me! I you respond to the question then you hear me sketchy! I ran out to the other entryway. It leads to the substitute two legs. I then gave a full voiced “Can You Hear Me Now!” bark of demand for five minutes. I will not be ignored! The substitute Two Legs let me and the pack in and I have secured the left shoe. It is currently hidden and the sketchy chucklehead has not been able to find it. I am on my body pillow and ain’t talkin. Maddie Out!

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Basenji Feet! Connected middle toes!

Brigitte Kürsten
After our big hike - putting our paws up, nice evening everyone?
These little paws ran on km 7 years of racing and countless km on the road day after day and will be 12 years this year, is still soooo fit ? my baby boy "DON".