The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXI, Issue 3, August 2017

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In Memoriam


M.Ch. Imani ti-n Abou Teka
15.12.2002 - 2.05.2017
(M-Ch. APU Peas an Hominy x Gisenyi ti-n Abou Teka)

M-Ch. Imani ti-n Abou Teka was my heart and sould dog. I really, really loved all my dogs which are now in heaven, but she was my very special girl. Her bond to me was so strong; she was my shadow.

Except on the fields - there she was a strong hunter and unbelievable fast.
I think she passed this trait on to her grandson, AJ, as her daughter Lela feels differently.

For 2 years she was my companion when visiting my mom in the nursing home.

She was loved so much by all the people there, and brought a smile to the patients face when we arrived. Well, and especially to my mother until the end. RIP my sweetheart, will never forget you.

Uschi and Friedhelm Grewe


African Mystery's Chamchela ~ 14.12.2005 - 24.06.2017

Ch'ami has crossed the rainbowbridge - his special angel, Chica, came for him.
The tumor in his belly hardened the stomach so no food was able to enter.
We let him go on the operating table.

He was our 1st basenji. Like us, Dana, Moyo and Lola miss him very much.
He was their protector, the pack leader, always made sure his pack was safe and relaxed.
We are heart broken. Yvonne and Kees 't Mannetje

Chica came too early to get her beloved Ch'ami.

Dana cleaning Ch'ami's ears.
Certainly Ch'ami will have had his ears cleaned at the Rainbow Bridge, by any number of brilliant basenjis.

Ch'ami in class.

Ch'ami with Dana.


Óde fra Kommu ~ June 15, 2004 - July 11, 2017

Courage, Brains, and Heart.
Yes, above all, Heart.

We put Óde down yesterday evening (11 July). The last best hope treatment was not working.
On autopsy and they found a mass in front of his heart, between the lungs, that could not be seen on any of the the scans.

He did the best he could, and so did we.

We're very sad here, but also happy he is not suffering any more. Karen Sahulka and Roy Schecter


Ch. Ibou Jala ti-n Abou Teka ~ 15.12.2002 - 10.07.2017

United with his beloved sister M-Ch. Imani ti-n Abou Teka, who he dearly loved.

....he is very much missed by the Heinz family, me and the ti-n Abou Tekas.
Last photo is from 2002, where both went best puppy in Trechtingshausen. Uschi Grewe

Ibou & Lela

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