The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 4, November 2020

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In Memoriam

This photo was created by Phil Orara.


(5 July 2005 ~ 29 July 2020)

FC Apu Afternoon of a Fawn RA NAJ OJP NFP

'Bye "Bug". Ah-Melia could not "be" without her brother. Amelia, who told me her name when she opened her eyes.

Poem by Joe Stewart.

Joe Stewart sequence of photos, 2014. Amelia was 9 +.


African Mystery's Dafina Kisura

31 dec 2006 - 22 sept 2020

On the last day of the season with beautiful summer weather we sadly had to let our Dana go.

Dana came to live with us, our cat Chica and her brother Ch'ami when she was 5 months old. The 1st thing she learned us was to understand Basenji language, by showing us what it was her brother was trying to tell us. Those 2 had a lot of fun together, and Daantje was BFF with Chica.

Dana, Daantje, “la mama” was living in borrowed time for 8 years since she recovered from her stroke at age 5. All these years she was pampered, not only by us, but also by Ch'ami and Moyo, and later on by sweety Lola. Daantje was a mother to every puppy that she met. She mothered over Moyo and Lola like they were her own. Even pushed us aside when we wanted to play, the puppy was hers she said. Also visiting puppies were hers she thought. Didn’t matter if it was a Basenji or a Borzoi.
If it was up to her the owners would have left without their puppy.

Dana had a beautiful career in oval racing and lure coursing. She loved it when her picture was taken at “The kill”.
If she spotted a photographer she made a dramatic somersault.

Ever since her dear older brother Ch'ami died 3 years ago, Daantje aged rapidly. Despite all kind of special old lady treatments and acupuncture her tremors got worse, her coordination also. The last couple of months the walks got shorter and shorter. During the last weeks she only walked as far as our neighbours house and then stopped.
We carried her back home every time.

On Tuesday we visited the vet for a check up, on Wednesday she suffered an epileptic attack, a “grand mal”. We were all with her at that time and helped her. Moyo and Lola were so concerned and sad. On Sunday the 2nd attack came, after which she recovered very rapidly. Walking around with a look in her eyes saying she was still here and fighting. The next day she wouldn’t eat anything anymore. She went into the garden and layed down under a tree on a spot she never did before. She turned her back on us. We understood that she was telling us the end was near. The next day when I offered her a little bit of food hoping she would eat, it triggered a 3rd attack. We were desperate and consulted our vet.
Together we decided it was time to say goodbye.

Dana very peacefully went to sleep and crossed the bridge where Ch'ami and Chica undoubtedly were waiting for her.

We gave Moyo and Lola time to say goodbye and accept the fact our special girl was gone. Forever. We are all heartbroken and miss her so much.

Dana will stay in out hearts forever. She was so very special and was loved by so many.

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