The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 4, November 2020

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S K-M - Amelia & Frey.

Sunshine. . .

Hepi Armen, "2 dogs, one head"

New Titles & Kudos, in as much as many events, but for some outdoors, a few indoors, & those that have not gone online/virtual, have been cancelled:

Natalie Culver's Jasper won his first 4 NOTRA meets, and he got his JOR title. Pickwick's Apu Keep on Dancing JC TKN JOR.

"It was a fun day (and a beautiful early fall day at that) to let the dogs try NOTRA (oval track racing) at LVCC in New Jersey. Jasper seemed to get into it right away and earned his first NOTRA point. Yay! Good boy Jasper.
You can see my new “Science will win” Pfizer t-shirt, and Jasper was interested in both his new stuffy toy (for first place basenji) and he wanted to check out my face mask when I took it off for a pic (socially distanced)."

Ellen Bonacarti photo

Andrea Stone's Turkish earned an NW3-V title and a qualifying score toward his NW3. - FC Saorsa FoPaw's Notorious RI SC CA BCAT TKP ATD NW2 NW3-V L1C L1I.

And Andrea Stone's Gage won a GCH major!!!

The Stewart's Bolt got his BCAT title - GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder MC LCX5 TKP CGC THDA CA BCAT GEOD Td PD DSA ETD LCM VBE.

Joe Stewart Photo

S K-M's Goldie got her CA title, as did her brother, and their friend, Betty. Goldie and Leaf need two more runs for their CAA titles.

Goldie is Apu Le Donna e Mobile RN CA TKP & Leaf is FC Apu Painted Cat Burglar RI SC CA TKP.

The Stewart's Alita got her Trick Dog Performer, Canine Conditioning Fitness Level One (CCF1) - Meisterhaus The Next Level ETD CCF1 TKP. Her sister, Thena got her Trick Dog Novice title Meisterhaus the Next Chapter, NTD, TKN.

Thena has 1 pt and Alita has 2 pts.

Joe Stewart Photo

Brenda Phillips - At Makindu House we spent out quarantine months learning to search for specific odors like Birch and Clove, then we're able to compete in some well run trials. Nike and daughter Zippie have taken quite well to these games - Nike completing novice titles in Containers, Interiors, and Exteriors, and Zippie completing Containers and Buried.

Zippie has also gotten to do a little agility, completing her Novice FAST title! "Zippie!" UKC CH AKC FC Makindu Sez You! RATN SC RN TDI ORC IAC SGRC NF SCN SBN.


Annechien Smith added Romy whippet to the family.

Susan Marsicano's Leaf added an AKC title to the front of his name, and one after it. Prefix and suffix. FC Apu Painted Cat Burglar RI SC CA TKP. Sweetheart of a dog is a good lure courser. His first championship.

Elizabeth Lee photo

Leaf got his Rally Intermediate title:
The AKC Rally® virtual entry you submitted has been reviewed and scored for:
Apu Painted Cat Burglar RN CA TKP
Event ID: 2020744936
Class Level: Rally Intermediate
Course #: RIV-1
Judge: Alvin Eng-3
Qualifying Score: 93
Points lost information: HE-1@2(dog out of view briefly),OP-2,PS-1,IT-2(dog in way),SR-1. Good job! Loved watching your happy dog!

YouTube -

Leaf got his first ever agility Q. He got 2 Jumping and two Standard Qs, and then the estrus season fried his brain.

Donna Hess - "Perfect weather for a nose work trial at Ulster County Fairgrounds yesterday. My good boy Tate earned his NACSW NW1 on our first try with a third place in containers and a very coveted "Pronounced" in interiors!

Many thanks to our good friend and coach Lisa A Pattison for our excellent training. I got so many compliments on his focus, speed and working style! And many thanks to Laura Kirk for creating this black workaholic speed demon!! There was no ribbon so I did not know, Tate came in fourth place!! Not bad for his first NACSW event!!

S K-M's Gilda got her AKC Rally Intermediate title, her first agility title, plus a couple of LCX points. FC Apu Painter Song RI CAA BID TKP GRC ORC VBS2!

The AKC Rally® virtual entry you submitted has been reviewed and scored for:
FC Apu Painter Song RN SC CAA TKP

Event ID: 2020744924
Class Level: Rally Intermediate
Course #: RIV-4
Judge: Pamela Regan-3
Qualifying Score: 90
Points lost information: IP-10 (sign 8, handler must pause after taking the two steps). What a nice run - way to go!

So, my painting studio became now virtual dog arena and has allowed for a bunch of AKC Rally titles.

YouTube -

Linda Butterworth's Aeden got his 14th QQ!!!!!!! And Oognah earned her 2nd leg in novice Standard + her 1st leg in JWW!

Susan Marsicano's Liner - OMG - Liner got a score of 98 for an AKC Rally Intermediate course. What a good boy! I had thought he did this very well.
The AKC Rally® virtual entry you submitted has been reviewed and scored for:
DC Apu i Liner RN SC CAA TKP
Event ID: 2020744933
Class Level: Rally Intermediate
Course #: RIV-1
Judge: Alvin Eng-3
Qualifying Score: 98
Points lost information: OP-2. Excellent job! Enjoyed watching your dog work!
YouTube video-

ALSO - Liner got his first ever agility title, which makes him a Basenji Club of America Versatile Basenji Elite.

This is wonderful to me. DC Apu i Liner SC RI CAA TKP BID FCh SGRC3 SORC JOR VBE.
He also got some more LCX points.

Elizabeth Lee photo

Debby Mayer - "We did it! Sizzle rested, and I answered a couple of hours of questions."

Katie Campbell's Chief - After 6+ months off due to COVID event restrictions, not only did Chief earn his first "Q" in AKC Standard Agility (Novice B class) yesterday, but he took second place (at the big entry Labrador Club trial, no less!) with a perfect score of 100% (zero errors) *AND* he completed the course with a "personal best" time of yards per second !!! We both had so much fun running that course in sync together as true partners. Win or lose, Q or NQ, I love this dog with all my heart.

Chief got both Novice titles, now, and he is on to OPEN!

Susan Marsicano's Fern, invited every year from 2013. Fernie did some AKC lure coursing, and they were qaulifying runs.

The Stewart's finished her BCAT with her best score to date. GCH DC UKC CH Meisterhaus Never Winter Nights, LCX MC BCAT TKP ORC JOR GRC PDX Tdx Cadet Scout ETD LCM VFCH VB.

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