The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 4, November 2020

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Ashley Loren

Flower child. This is how you get the parent's attention during a Ravens' game.

Ivan felt bad for me last night.

I got home around 9:30 pm after working on yet another mangled hand from a UTV rollover; nice lady of course from Cali. And her dominant hand. Ugh. So I sort of crashed on the couch with some dogs on me. Was falling asleep. Ivan woke me up a few times checking on me. Snorfling my hair.

Then finally he was tapping on my head with his paw. I was like “what dude? I’m beat.”

Realized he had been bringing me rocks from the backyard each time he checked on me. There was a small collection of them gently placed on the blanket above my head. Such a sweet little boy. Strange. But sweet.

Makes me think he’s into metaphysical powers of rocks.

Renee Meriaux


And also, when you have dog hair in your mask - the struggle is real!

Tamara Allen

Dennis found a falcon (?) feather on his bike ride. Now Tippy is convinced he is the most interesting man in the world. "senza dubbio."

Lisa Stewart

Welcome to Unbuild-a-bear, my name is Alita, how may I help you?

Carol Mount

Zuri is showing she is flexible as she approaches 13 years old. Is this her heart symbol?

Cindy Griswold She is channeling her grannies Ms Maddie who did the same.

Andrea Stone

The most insane thing just happened to me and Regan.
We were walking down the street, maybe got about a block away when a large breed dog, possibly a really bad Rhodesian Ridgeback or ginormous Vizsla came charging at us, dead silent. And that's never a good sign. I lost my mace so didn't have it with me. I did the only thing I could: stay between my girl and this dog and try to intimidate him. He looked very unimpressed.
That's when it happened. Out of nowhere a solid black cat all abristle came charging at this dog. But it didn't stop there. The cat went after the dog and chased him away. Needless to say I cheered, "GO CAT!"

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: Sizzle Zinkus*, don't you growl at me!
Sizzle [not completely remorseful]: I just had the worst day of my life.
D: We had the carpets cleaned. Not the worst day of your life.
S: And the couch. And you covered the bed with stuff from the floor. I had to sleep on top of a suitcase.
D: You liked the carpet cleaner's scritches.
S: You got a SOMISOMI treat and I got carrots.
*Dan's last name always seems to go better with the dogs' names.

Sizzle: Here, Debby, I'll spot you on the stepstool, sitting right next to the bottom step.
Debby: Sizzeeee . . . !
S: Don't step on my tail!

Debby (putting away dog brushes):
There, Sizzle, you're the Kamala Harris of Mira Mesa
Sizzle: And she's the Sizzle of Sacramento!

Joe Stewart

It doesn’t matter if the TV show sucks. It doesn’t matter if you can’t reach the remote. It matters that a good snuggle was needed and if you move it gets interrupted. Thus, Trog stays on top. Joe

Jackie Dering

Luke story - This morning Harley wanted to go out and Luke didn’t. I left her out while I did something inside. About five minutes later he raised a huge ruckus. At first I thought she was involved with a critter so I ran to the door. He didn’t run ahead so I figured it wasn’t serious. When I got there Harley was at the door and wanted to come in. He is such a good friend.

It took me forever to find Harley. She was napping in the sun and blended right in.

I know Luke is a smart boy because last night I tossed a treat into both of their cave beds after they went to bed. He snarfed his then made a move toward her bed and thought better of it. He got a second treat for being a good boy and got to keep his face.

Karen Christensen

October night in NJ + open bedroom window = sheet shock!

I don’t know why they don’t scratch/dig to friction-warm the cold sheets? Guess I’ll be rolling out the heated mattress pad soon.

Susan K-M - First line is like a Haiku. Mine are scratching right now.

Debby Mayer - Is that why Sizzle digs in the sheets?

Susan K-M
Nicholas pointed out that if you feel the spot they’ve been scratching, you will find that it is warm/hot.

Lisa Voss

Nothing gets your heart pumping like realizing the gate didn't latch at your dogs are loose. Everyone is safe inside now.

Luckily, ours just take themselves on their "walk" so usually we just have to catch up and call them and they look at us wondering why we were dawdling.

Susan K-M Many years ago, my dogs all got loose, and, as you said, I found them at the Concert Hall, the same place we would have walked. I opened the van door and they all piled in.

Calliope the Muse

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