The Rip Van Wrinkler, XIX, Issue 4, November 2015

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In Memoriam


Apu Rice Dream Pie, beloved by Tamara and Dennis Allen
31 December 1999 - 20 September 2015

"Edith Wharton said 'My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet.' - The Little Heartbeat that was at our feet now lives forever in our hearts. We miss you Queen Gloria. We miss you terribly."

"She has a wonderful family waiting for her at the end of that Rainbow Bridge."

Vivaldi Gloria


Apu Dr.Von Scrap
31 December 99 ~ 1 October 15

Scrapper passed away this morning. Physically, he was still pretty robust, but he had a 2nd seizure last night (the first was in March) and was in such altered mental state we were worried that he would end up hurting himself. He was a great dog, loyal to the point of being annoying (following me from room to room), and a wonderful companion. He had his neuroses, (standard poodles, dental treatments), but we will miss him. As the senility set in over the last 6 months, Scrapper took to barking. I guess he forgot that Basenjis aren’t supposed to do that. Sassafras is hanging in there – in worse physical shape than Scrapper was, but maintaining her equanimity for now.

Scrapper was a wonderful dog. Even though we were expecting it, the kids took it harder than I thought they would. And as Elizabeth and Andrew always reminded me, I was Scrapper's "Master", the human he followed everywhere.

Mike & Kristin Reed

Michael's grandmother Mary

On Tuesday, September 29th, my Grandmother, Mary R. Wood, passed away.
She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I've ever known.
I feel lost and alone, the house seems too empty, and life will never be the same again.
I miss you gram, I'll love you the rest of my life and beyond. I hope you're flying with Angels...

She loved Cairo very much.
She always called Cairo "Grandma's good boy".

...she also always called him a little monkey:) Michael J Primeau


DC Kazor's Catch a Falling Star (2 January 2007 ~ 15 Sepember 2015)

©2015 Eunice Ockerman, "Little Dog, Big Dog"

"Catcher ... A super runner. Loved straight line and oval over lure coursing. And so handsome a judge told me he showed himself. Likely that was a comment that reflected well on him and less well on me. But so what!"

Eunice Ockerman


RIP my sweet babies. Cody 12/23/98 - 4/23/15. Karly 12/19/99 - 10/17/15.
Mommy misses you so much!

My Parrots, Jaco and Niko, seem a bit bewildered at the absense of the dogs in the house.
It kills me when Jaco calls for Cody and now Karly.
Christmas will be difficult this year without all of them waiting to open their gifts. Deb Joslin


Jasiri-Sukari Rocky MTN Tri SC MX MXJ MXP2 MXPB MJP NF 12/20/2000 - 10/13/2015.

Aspen was the first basenji puppy I raised with the intention of an agility partner. Who knew an 8 week old basenji puppy would walk right up a full height A-frame!!! She took me places I only dreamed of including two times to the AKC agility invitational in Long Beach, even earning the high scoring basenji medallion in 2009! She also enjoyed lure coursing, basking in the sun and fishing.
Yep you heard right "fishing", she would wade out in the water, and look for fish. I was so shocked a basenji would willing walk into the water I watched her for more then 1/2 hour, little did I think about the fact that she was wading into ice melt water until her lips started turning blue and I knew I needed to get her out of the water!

She was fiercely independent but still willing worked with me in the agility ring, over her career earning 113 agility Q's including 13QQs and 231 points.

Thank you for being my partner - we will miss you! Renee Meriaux

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