The Rip Van Wrinkler, XIX, Issue 4, November 2015

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In Memoriam


Am/Can/Int'l CH Saorsa Brenna of Eire
19Dec1997 - 21Aug2015

At long last we have parted ways, my friend. We miss you terribly but were so fortunate to have you in our lives. You were fun, feisty and impish. Often getting into things as a young dog and impossibly clever.
You had a beautiful yodel and were the joy of our home. You were a pleasure, a source of amusement and sometimes frustration at the trouble you occasionally managed to get into.

As you aged you did it gracefully and beautifully. You tolerated, and even enjoyed all of little puppies born here not long after your 17th birthday. They clearly loved you, even still once they went to their new homes. You were my first owner-breeder-handler champion and just so lovely. You loved to show, even all these years later.
Thank you, Brenna, for the love you brought. We miss you.
Andrea Stone


Shika's African Violet, FCh
12.23.98 ~ 8.10.15

I am broken. We released Violet from her worldly life
so she could join her sister, Lily, and nephew, Nemo, over the Rainbow Bridge.
She is again whole and healthy, chasing bunnies in the sky.
Ah, sweetest Violet, we will love you and miss you forever.
Rhoda Byrne


Zulu painting of Hip Hop at The Rainbow Bridge with St. Jim

Hi Sue,

Not really sure if this will get to you or not BUT

I was just standing at the wall looking at the Whispers print that Zulu won for the Princess and the Pea contest back in 1999. Zulu has passed. He died the same day Whitney Houston died and I am certain he planned that specifically so I would remember the date even though I never particularly cared for Whitney's music.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful Basenjiness fun and art!
Deb Howell, was Tipton

Some memories of Zulu:

April 2004. Zulu is an excellant pocket cleaner. He cleaned Mack's (NEW) Columbia jacket
pocket out so well, he left holes...BIG HOLES... (I should mention here that
"someone" left chocolate in their pocket.)

And...also chewed the whole front corner of my favorite "chocolate" brown
wool jacket, no chocolate at the chewing time but I cannot swear under oath
that there had never been chocolate in that particular pocket...

Doesn't care what's behind/under the bed.

Kleenex... we have covered trashcans with the lifty foot tops. BUT when we
go to empty, one does the emptying while the other snatches up any "morsels"
that fall during the precess. Under optimal conditions we have two humans
working on this project...

Poor baby has to do the "Pre-Wash" on all dishes. (I think Denise zeroed in
on that chore way back in the wilds of KY.)

Zulu prefers the foot warmer end of the bed (While we are home, but I have
walked in the middle of the day and found him right in the center of the
pillows). He does have to "fluff" the guest bed pillows on a daily basis.

He woke me up last night panting on my feet. (It did reach 84 today
As a good B mom I uncovered one half of the lower leg region so the baby
could get some air.

Pete aka Pipsqueak

My house is so awfully still. 

No one talks me through getting up mornings nor tells when meals are late.
My house, in spite of Cardigans who are not quiet! My house is dreadfully quiet.
  She'd have been 11 on 30 November.

  She was the reason my daughter has (and has had) Basenjis and why she swore off Corgis.
   Please tell the members that Pete was (and is) dearly loved. I found comfort looking into those all knowing Basenjis eyes. I will miss the chilly temperature tradition of dressing her for the weather. Is it a sweater day, or a heavy sweater day? A coat? Which one? The serious it's really cold outside one or the not so serious one? Do you need your boots? And she did like snow, doG bless her and relished playing in it and I'd get her in after not long enough out for her.

Tell others one never knows when the loan of a dog will be up and the Almighty recalls one home.
Kathe Meyer Romeo

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