The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XIX, Issue 4, November 2015

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Sunshine. . .

Here's lookin' at ya.

Rip & Tutu by the heater


Uschi and Freidhelm's son Lars married Claudi on 24 July. AJ was the ring bearer. See more about it - Page 8

Kim McNeill's Zest!, Princess Zest!, went to Barnhunt and qualified twice in Open. Her first run, she found both rats, did a tunnel and climb in a little under 1min 5 seconds. Only 2 dogs out of 24 qualified in Open and Zest! ended up with the high score in Open. 8 hours later, she again qualified, but she was a bit tired and not quite as fast.

Zest with her pickle of happiness.

Andrea Stone's Turkish got his first point, & his brother Raven, FoPaw's Saorsa Bodega Bay Redux, went BOB from the 6-9 Puppy class over some spectacular competition that included a couple of top specials!

Brenda Phillips Nike fathered a litter, born on 12 October. Nike x Naziki litter: 2 boys, one red and one black. Three girls: two tris one black. All 7-8 oz, all super adorable.

Yvonne and Kees 't Mannetje's Lola won the Kronenberg Coursing (1st out of 6) and also Lola won the National Coursing Championships (1 out of 4). The basenjis don't get a title for this yet, but she did get the huge Holland Cup.

Lola won the Holland Coursing Cup 2015 for the basenji females. Lola got 22 points, which is twice as much as #2. For the HCC you need to enter the courses in The Netherlands, where you can win points. 1st place = 1 point + another point for each other basenji in your class. Needless to say we are so very proud of her.

Yvonne and Kees 't Mannetje's Moyo won the Revanche Coursing in Hoope, Germany. In the Holland Coursing Cup for 2015, Moyo came in 2nd for the Basenji males.

The Grewe's AJ won first in the race at Sachsenheim, 11.10.15.

Kathe Helming and Lupe won their 12th Group One!!!!

Mary Silva and William O'Donnell were married.

Sue & Bob Schulz Hanna, Destiny's Pickwick's Simply Bliss, won her first major, and is half way towards her championship.

Karla Schreiber's Kimber won a major and several points, and is about half way towards her championship.

Feel Better:

Our very best to Don Lunetta, battling brain cancer.


Susan Marsicano's Fiddle was bred to Guy Noir, by frozen semen implant. Puppies due December 12th or so.

Susan Marsicano's Scarlet was bred to Moyo, by frozen semen implant. Puppies due December 15th or so.

The Stewart's Gambit is expecting puppies on December 17th or so.

Linda Butterworth added the gorgeous Kheeva to the family.

Kathryn Ladick's employer gave Slick to her. Also congratulations to Kathryn for her new granddaughter, Anjoli.

The Stewart's Tempest's daughter, Yuma, won the Canadian basenji National and finished her Canadian GCH.

In Memoriam:

Lulu - Apu Louis Brooks

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Happy Halloween!