The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XXII, Issue 3, August 2018

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Match Report, 12 May '18

by Reporterdog, Fernnut.         

The weather was W E T & C O L D! just like last year. Really!

We partnered up with the Hudson River Valley Hound Association for their May weekend of CABT (AKC Coursing Ability Testing) at the Westerlo Town Park, which luckily has a huge steel building; big enough to pull vehicles into and picnic there, too. Our plans were abbreivated by the weather.

Hannah getting some pointers from a pro on teaching dog tricks.

Rose so has this!

Tutu is obviously thinking this over.

Liner won this trophy for Highest Title achieved on Sunday,
& the sun came out...

Sizzle enjoyed herself and was Very Pretty in Pink!

The very handsome Bump.

Our vegetarian potluck lunch was greatly appreciated by the HRVHA & all the attendees. S K-M made vegetarian chile which was just PERFECT considering the chill in the air. Stuffed grape leaves and eggplant were also great. Good bagels!!!

Our Secretary, Debby Mayer, modeling the hat Lisa Stewart donated.

The Costume Class theme was "My favorite mythical mythological creature". So I though mermaid for Hannah. Then how about king of the sea for Nicholas?! (Neptune/Poseidon with his homemade trident & crown). Lastly a shark fin for Obike.

Hannah asked “what is daddy going to dress up as?” Harry, “I’ll be a clam & say nothing at all”. Lol. I suppose with my purple fleece I could be that other mollusk, the muscle. Ha ha. I crack myself up. Our children the king of the sea & enchantress of the seas & mommy & daddy the bivalves. Forgot our shark & dolphin stuffed toy props.

Lila had a great coostume

Stuffed grape leaves in the works.

Fiddle did her costume at home, where it was dry. Her favorite mythological creature is Pegasus.

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