The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXII, Issue 3, August 2018

RVW Fundraiser Winners


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The jar filling up with good people & dogs' names.

Hear, hear" says Whim. Here are the winning tickets!

Kipawa Harder won the quilt! Donna Hess & Lisa Stewart won the gorgeous bait bags, Tamara Allen won the fantastic necklace, and Natalie Culver won the Doodle print. Congratulations to all!!!
Was a very nice fundraiser.

We met at our Treasurer, Karen Sahulka's, on 10 June to draw the raffle. The witnesses of our raffle drawing. were Karen Sahulka & Whim, Lisa Osenni and Kjarval and Pjakkur, and S K-M (with the camera).

Karen and Whim

Lisa and Kjarval and Pjakkur.

Tamara Allen Woo hoo! Tippy wanted the quilt but I wanted the necklace! Score for me!

Natalie Culver Yippee!! Glad we could help support this fundraiser. I can’t wait to give the doddle a nice spot on the wall.

Donna Hess wooooohooooo!!!!!!

Lisa Osenni Women pay big money in salons for that kinda hair.

Fran Harder - Look what I got in the mail this morning! Now I just have to find the perfect place for it.
Thank you Susan for organizing the raffle for such a good cause. Also, thanks for the lovely little note card which I will find a frame for.

Tamara Allen Tippy is modeling the fabulous necklace we won in the RVW raffle.
Thank you so much! We love it! She obviously loves it - I will too once I catch her to claim it rightfully as mine.

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