The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 1, February 2021

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Ashley Loren

Ivan likes to suck on my thumb while I scratch his forehead. Interesting puppy.

Natalie Culver

Hannah’s making me smile this am, trying to eat her breakfast (yummy scrambled eggs and cheese, which are Harry's specialty) and the dogs begging. Hannah is voicing Ivy’s thoughts.

Hannah being Ivy... “mommy, I’m going to make sweet sweet yawns at you so I can get egg!” And as I stopped to pet Ivy as she stretched her paws up onto the table (the dogs know we don’t like their paws on the table so the are always “just stretching here” and happen to get there paws up on the table with our food lol.

So as Ivy is there naughty with her paws on the table and I reach to pet her, Hannah voices for Ivy again “I’m going to let you pet me so I can get eggs!” And this is true often when Ivy is begging for our food if I reach to pet her she’ll actually turn and apply her teeth ever so lightly to my wrist to point out that she in fact does not want petted right then she wants some of my food, can’t you see!! Lol

This cracked me up. And yes... both dogs had their paws up on the table and yes they both did weasel a few bites of egg from me (well actually from Nicholas’s plate - he loves them so. Nicholas seemed to be finished, but had some left so I asked if he was done eating, he said “yes (I’m done) but the dogs want some”.

Romolo Lingua

Who goes to the bathroom.... loses their place.

Ivan Courtemanche

Leaf Marsicano

Lisa Voss

Dragon likes Youtube. Or is it the lollypop?

Daniela Karcz

Totally badass snow picture of us.

Catskill Mountain snow.

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: There, Sizzle, I'm so caught up, I washed your leash and harness. Nice shiny red now.
Sizzle: Blech

Debby: Sizzle, look, here's a dog walking service that has the dogs run. They say it's like a personal trainer for your dog.

Sizzle: Let me see that. [Shreds the magazine page into tiny pieces, chews them up, swallows them.] Yoga. I do donut yoga.

6:30 am, still dark: Good morning, Sizzle! Good morning, Champ!
Sizzle: Glumph
D: Margaret and Sally both send you hugs. Can I give you their hugs later?
S: [settles into faux leopard-skin donut]: I'll see.

Debby: Sizzle, we’ve lived here for almost two years, and you still don’t seem to understand the concept of a multiple dwelling.
D: They’re not in our house, they’re in their house, next door.
. . . .
D: That’s not our house. It’s on the second floor, but it’s not our building. He’s part of a crew doing work on that condo.
D: No, thank heavens.
D: Yes, dear, anyone who sees you walk through the parking lot knows that you own it.

Renee Meriaux

Well when it’s cold sacrifices have to be made - Getting warmth from that stupid puppy!

Jackie Dering

I saw a beautiful healthy fox this morning. He crossed our path twice. I wondered what Harley had been tracking. Luke meerkatted at it, and determined it was moving along. What a treat!

So last night we had FaceTime dinner with Matt and Caroline. My goofy boy dog was playing with a stuffed sloth. All through the meal we kept seeing it flying in the air, sometimes landing on the table or landing on the sideboard. Made for a lot of fun. Too bad Matt and Caroline couldn’t see him.

Luke story - so my next door neighbor was out in her backyard with her friend. Her sheltie and her friend’s shitzu were there too. Zipper had just arrived and the three basenjis were running the yard when Luke spotted the visiting shitzu and a new hole in the fence left by who knows what (likely a groundhog). Well, he decided to go join the group next door. I was quite impressed with him. He walked around with the next door dog and visitor dog until we got there with his leash. Got in no trouble and his people fixed the fence. Anything passes for excitement these days.


Ivan Roma above, Rip Christensen below.


S K-M Liner rolls on scents.

Natalie Culver Like how Karen’s Laser used to? One of the funniest moments ever for me from watching a goofy basenji was the giggles I got watching Laser roll around on the wrapper from scented bath soap at motels. Has Liner ever had the joy of a nice fresh soap wrapper all to himself? ?

Susan K-M Natalie actually I don’t think Liner has ever met a soap wrapper.

Tamara Allen Tippy has the roll around on soap scented things gene. Read as my head if I dont dry my hair before getting within her reach. She will crawl up on my shoulders and then hold my head with her front paws to rub her head on mine with the force and grace of a hockey player.

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Pi the Cat.
PI says he really doesn't love winter or the cold and snow.
He is not sure how he ever survived that first winter, except with help from his friend and her Aussies.
The thing is she makes me go for a walk once a day over the winter and tells me the fresh air is good.
Well I have a trick and it works pretty good.I stop mid walk and mew to her so, she comes back and picks me up.
She opens her jacket up and puts me inside and I get to stick my head out. and no longer have to walk in that cold snow.
It's a win for me; no cold feet, a great view, and of course, some fresh air.
I get bored this time of year but, Linda's dogs make the best toys.
Just the other day I scared one so bad it ran to Mom, and told on me.
I do miss my barn chores because that is where I shine, but it should warm up soon we hope.