The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 1, February 2021

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Red-breasted Nuthatch

Sunshine. . .

Cybele and Baxter Armen.

New Titles & Kudos, in as much as many events, but for some outdoors, a few indoors, & those that have not gone online/virtual, have been cancelled.

Natalie Culver's Jasper and Ivy each got their first AKC Rally Novice Qs! Pickwick's Apu Keep on Dancing JC TKN JOR and Pickwick's Apu Miss Kitty's Can-Can Girl JC TKN.

Kim McNeill - Congratulations to Devon who finished up the year as NADAC's one and only ranked Silken. I think his runs consisted of one actual trial in Feb and one virtual run.

Clearly this dog is in a class unto himself.

The Stewart's Alita - FC Meisterhaus The Next Level SC TKP CCF1 PD. Both Alita and Thena got some more breed points, too.

Joe Stewart Photo

Wendy Hodges - A last minute trip to OKC for Barn Hunt proved successful. Winger came home with a Crazy 8s Silver medal and her RATCHX3. Mr. Busy Bee Trace earned his Novice title and, even better, didn’t pee on any hay bales for a double bonus!!

Renee Meriaux"s Zuko earned his HT. Eli qualified in one out of two runs.
Mosley qualified in both runs earning 2nd, Highest scoring BMD in the first trial and Highest scoring BMD in the 2nd trial. Both together were good enough to earn high combined BMD!! This completed her started title. She is now a BMDCA Working Dog Excellent!!!

Karen Christensen's Tutu was still racing full LGRA meets on nice fall days in 2020! And, she brags, her kid, Rip, was the #3 basenji in LGRA this year! Mostly because she “let” him go on ahead after she beat him out of the box time after time!

Bonacarti photo

Petteruti photo

Susan Marsicano's Leaf GOT HIS FIRST AGILITY TITLE! BID = Beginner International Dog. FC Apu Painted Cat Burglar RI SC CA BID TKP. Sweetheart of a Cat Burglar.

Andrea Stone's Turkish, FC Saorsa FoPaw's Notorious RI SC CA TKP ATD NW2 L1C L1I L1V, did some nosework recently, and he added the Level 1 Vehicles (L1V), and we had a lot of fun! Turkish loves nosework!

Andrea Stones' Phaser, Saorsa FoPaw's Set to Stun TKA has been Best of Opposite sex for the 3 LGRA meets in which she's participated and mostly kept up with the boys. Jumoke photo

Andrea Stones' Gage, GCH Saorsa FoPaw's Warp Factor Won TKA has been Best of Breed in all 3 race meets in which he's participated, nearly undefeated. Looking forward to more racing!

Guffey photo

Brenda Phillips' Zippie! was Best of Breed in her only Race Meet of the year, shown her with one of her many boyfriends Turkish Stone.

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

Officers President & BCOA Liaison...Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni
Secretary... Karen Christensen
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Natalie Culver, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara Allen, Lisa Stewart, Ashley Lorin, Frey Johnsson, Debby Mayer
& Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

Rip Van Wrinkler® Editors:

Editor in Chief: Susan Kamen Marsicano

Peon Editor in Chief: Tamara E. Allen

Copy Editor: Jackie Dering