The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 1, February 2020


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Ashley Lorin

How do three dogs fit into one spot on your lap? They improvise.

The old and young hang out. Bella watches over (and benefits from the warmth emanating from) Ivan on his (first) birthday.

Carol Mount

Zuri says she flexible. Very very flexible in her wrists.

Lotta Olsson

Me: Hio please behave now like a normal dog when we pass the school children!?

Hio: sure!

Joanne O'Brien
November 16, 2019 ·
Dog Story...

I talk to my dogs as if they're people. I assume I they will understand a lot of what I say, or at least get the gist of the emotion behind it. I don't know how much of a vocabulary Katniss has, but it's significantly large for a dog.

We were playing Frisbee today. If she makes a nice catch, I'll tell her in words. I'll also say, "No, you're OTHER left" if she turns in the wrong direction while running after I told her.

Today, the Frisbee hit her in the teeth and bounced off. I yelled "ROBBED!" She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me. She waited for a few moments, then came to me. I realized that she didn't know what "Robbed" meant (likely I've never said it before), so wasn't sure how to respond.

That incident made me realize just how much she does understand of what I say. We underestimate how much language dogs and children do understand, even though they can't articulate it back to us. Just wow!

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: KA-CHOO!

Sizzle: HALP!!! (Leaps up from sound sleep)

D: Excuse me Sizzle, I just had to sneeze.

S: God bless you, Debby. (Settles down again, in a different patch of sun.)

D: Thank you, Sizzle. God does.

Sizzle: You said it would be warm here in Sandy Eggo.

Debby: I didn't realize that they don't know from insulation.

Jackie Dering

Harley went back for the glove. She moved it two blocks, stashed it, and peed next to it again.

Harley walk story - One of Harley’s street friends was busy on his phone and attempted to walk by her. She tugged on his pants leg as he went by. I guess I shouldn’t have laughed.

Luke walk story - So it’s cold and damp today. We went out for our morning walk and he was less than enthused. About three blocks from our house he expressed an opinion on which way to go. On the second turn we realized he was leading us home. Clever boy.

Natalie Culver

Funny coincidence that I’m talking about basenji ears today; maybe Nicholas is rubbing off on me. ~3 times today he’s talked about how much he likes the pups' ears. This am I heard him in the other room. I didn’t realize he was petting the dogs, until he told me “mommy, I like Jasper's ears”. I said “oh, you like his ears?” And Nicholas replied, “mommy, I like Jasper's ears. They are so soft”. ?

And just now we got home from attending a Hartford minor league hockey (school fundraiser for Hannah’s elementary school), and Nicholas was saying, “I like Ivy’s ears. They are so floppy” (she had hear ears back hoping for some crumbs from Nicholas’ snacks). And again - “and I like Jaspers ears. They are so soft”. ?

Chris O'Rear

Miss this boy so much, but Swagger is certainly healing my heart as he is also full of personality.

Cathy Farrell

The Saluki Puppies blinking eyes, lowering their heads and walking like they are on bubble wrap means they do not appreciate the rain.

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Pi Butterworth, the Cat.