The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 1, February 2020

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S K-M photo.

Sunshine. . .

Mai Voss practising setting up Sparkle's puppies.

New Titles & Kudos & New Additions:

Renee Meriaux - "We picked up a few things today at the Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club draft test:

Mosley pass #4 Open
Mosley/Gibson Pass #1 Open Brace New BDDs (First golden to earn this title)
Oakley/Gibson - pass #5 for Oakley New ABNDD (First basenji to earn this title), pass #3 for Gibson I think.
Eli Pass #5 Novice new ANDD!!
Oakley oldest passing non Berner:)

End result a lot of tired dogs:)

Oakley earned her Advanced Brace Novice Draft Dog. 5 passes. She worked the a berner and a golden as partners. PACH Jasiri-Sukari Bronco Busting Annie RN SC MXP5 MXPS MJP3 MJPB CAA TKA ANDD.

Sue Schulz's Teagan won a 4 point major. Pickwich's Apu Poetry in Motion TKN.

Natalie Culver's Ivy (Ivy girl) won her second point. She also competed in PeeWee class with Hannah. And they posed with Santa. Ivy is Apu Miss Kitty's Can-Can Girl.

Brenda Phillip's Zippie - "Somepuppy made her momma very very happy all weekend: CPE agility, baby-dog challenge level, 6 qualifying scores, a new Level 1 Standard title, and got Better on the 3rd day with a 100% Q rate! + 2 AKC FAST Qs "Zippie and I dipped our toes back in the agility trial waters, me committed to following Gillian's advice to Protect My Dog's Confidence and so I tried to design a FAST course that would rely on what Heather has taught us so well, and came home with sparkle ribbons to boot!" Photo by Joe Camp

New litter of puppies! Sired by my "Oberon" to Lisa Hart's "Frankie" born Jan 14th. Here is perhaps the cutest picture so far, but surely there will be more.

Karla Schreiber's Kimber - 'First time mom Kimber and first time pops, Axel, welcome their three new arrivals - a red boy, a red girl, and a dark brindle boy! They arrived a day ahead of schedule between 1:30 and 4:25 on 11 January. Kimber is being a wonderful, calm, mom. While the whelping was a bit slow compared to my others, it was otherwise uneventful. As in all things Kimber operates on Kimber-time!"

Kim McNeill's Devon - "Clearly, I am amazing, just like you probably suspected. We went to the dogshow this weekend and did something new. It's called Rally-obedience and it means mom reads signs set out and then we do the things. Our first attempt was not too good, but the judge had a stern talk with mom and she promised to do better in the afternoon. And we went back and the judge gave us a ribbon. And we went back the next day and the judge gave us another ribbon in the morning and in the afternoon, we got more ribbons AND a RO1 title with a pretty rosette. Mom was very pleased with our scores, all were in the 90's (out of 100 points). I was very pleased with mom's ability to read the signs! (that can be hard for mom since there are right and left directions and that often confuses mom) And our friend Cathi with the pretty girl dogs was so impressed she HAD to take our picture."

Our love to Chris Klein in her battle with cancer.

Feel better to:

Ashley Lorin.

Karen Christensen.

Clark Christensen.

Lorrie Cohen.

Both Lisa AND Joe Stewart are now AKC Breeders of Merit!!!

Katie Campbell & Chief got their 1st agiity title, AKC JWW - and they did it with three Qs in a row! I warned Katie that this is addictive.

Andrea Stone's Pha now only needs a major to finish!

"AND Gage would like everyone to know that his sisteris not the only cool person. He earned 2 points by going Select Dog, under breeder judge Penny Inan, completing his Grand Championship. Super proud of these two - loads of breed type, great temperaments and fun personalities."

Carol & Paul Mount and Zuri. Paul and Zuri have shattered all basenji agility records. Breeder is Cindy Griswold.

The Stewart's Bolt earned Two new titles in Nov LCM and LCX5! GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder MC LCX5 LCM TKP CGC THDA CA GEOD Td PD DSA ETD FCH VBE.

Linda Butterworth had quite a few absolutely fantastic months running her mom's Simba and Kate and her Aeden in agility!!!!

In Memoriam

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