The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue II, May 2019


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Sunny Shay quote:

Amalia Roma

I glanced at them snuggling on the couch. Reminded me of paisley.

Jackie Dering

Luke walk story - Yesterday by Colonial Lake we stopped to talk with two women on a bench. Luke was making goo goo eyes at one of them and next he tried to climb into her lap. While this was happening Harley was yodeling at the other woman.

"Vertical dogs with cute man."

Uschi Grewe

AJ is like his grandma Imani was.

Annechien Smith

Polly's favourite place is on this kitchen chair, well away from anywhere this monkey can climb on top. A houseful of much more comfort but this is where we find her time and again. Anyone else with strange doggy seats?

Heike Föllscher - Greetings from Polly's sister Malia!

Karen Christensen - Rip loves his aluminum dining chair in the yard

Annechien Ah, a soul mate for Polly then!!
But she does like a soft cushion.

Natalie Culver

Here's Ivy trying her best to get Hannah to share some cheeseburger. Smart girl pup. She knows to sit for treats is more likely to work than jump up and snatch it (or at least won’t get her in trouble).

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: Sizzle, time to EAT!

Sizzle: It's Saturday, can I have breakfast in bed?

D: Of course, here you go.

Chris O'Rear

If you are wondering is adding a puppy will be OK with your older dog, the answer is yes!! Yodeling, playing, tugging and a B500 every night! Love it! Makes an older guy act like a puppy again.

Swagger is a perfect fit for us

Brenda Phillips

It's nice to have company while icing your knee after PT.

Erica Kasper

One of Osa's favorite tricks, which we call "Chin". It comes in handy in several situations and is one of the first things I teach my dogs.

Tris seem strange to folks.

Jackie Dering Funny - While we were on our walk a car pulled up and the driver asked if the dogs were basenjis. I replied that they were. The driver asked if the “peculiar” one (pointing to Harley) was a basenji also. We said yes, she was a tri color and managed not to laugh until we’d moved on. Still laughing and now Harley has a new moniker, “oh, peculiar one”. If the guy only knew.

Karen Christensen tricolor Cherry with r/w Ian, Tutu and Laser. SOO MANY TIMES people wanted to know what breed .she. was. I started telling them, same dog different shirt, and asked them to think what she would look like if she were the same color as the others. But yes, she also was peculiar, in so many ways!

Joe Stewart Be happy they didn’t ask if she was a rat terrier.

Karen Christensen all of them: baby pitbulls, rat terriers, Jack Russells, chihuahuas....

Andrea Stone Oh yeah, Pit Bull. I get that all the time. WTF?

Karen Christensen Andrea Stone it’s the short coat and ripply muscles

Carole Kirk I had someone at a rest area approach me some years ago & inquire if the Basenji I was walking was a Jack Russell. I said no it was a Basenji. He proceeds to tell me that my dog is NOT a Basenji because he has a friend who has one and it did not look like that.

Susan Kamen Marsicano I was walking 5 basenjis on Houston Street near St Anthony’s, &, at a light, a guy left his car to run over to me and say, “Mam, those are lovely Airedale Terriers.” I thanked him.

Funnier was the guy who stopped me near there to ask me if I knew why the dogs’ tails were curled like that. ??? He said, “so the fleas can do loop the loop.”

Kipawa Harder I get 'Shiba Inu' a lot.

Ludwig Bemelmans for "Madeline" - 80 year old classic image of Notre-Dame under a weeping sky.

Pi Butterworth, the Cat.

Pi had his own adventures while we where away showing. Apparently my husband was not doing evening chores correctly,
so PI decided he would show him where the chickens go. As he sat atop the hay in hallway of the barn,
he noticed a few chickens thought they would roost in the barn for the night.

Lucky for me he is well versed in herding (not), but he feels he is.

Well in enters my husband to lock the stragglers away! Out comes a bunch of chickens sounding like they where on death's door,
cackling and screaming. Well then comes PI, bringing up the rear making sure his job was done.
I laugh a lot when he does stuff like this - my husband not so much.
When I parked in the driveway he promptly popped into my truck to tell Aeden
he did his job purrfectly today and asked how his day went, which Aeden also said GREAT!!