The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue 2, May 2019

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Sunshine. . .


New Titles & Kudos & New Additions:

Jackie Dering's Luke smartly got his AKC Advanced Trick Dog title, plus he passed his CGC! FoPaw’s Cool Hand Lukuru JC TKA CGC.

The Stewart's Trog got an Advanced Trick Dog title. FC APU Tri Roo of Ganesa, RN MC THD CGC TKI JOR ORC GRC PD Td Cadet Scout ATD Fch VB. This is Trogs 20th Title, which was earned at age 13.

Lisa Stewart Qualified as Breeder of Merit when her 4th bred by boy finished over specials with a 5 point major at Louisville!!!!!!!

Susan Marsicano's Gilda came in 2nd 3X at NOTRA meets. She won her first High Point race, only a short time after raising her puppies. FC Apu Painter Song SC RN CAA TKN GRC ORC JOR VBS2. Bonacarti photo.

Karen Christensen's Rip flew like the wind and won the weekend of NOTRA meets. FC Apu Richard Parker SC CAA GRC ORC JOR ORT PVB. Bonacarti photo.

Renee Meriaux's Oakley got her PACH!!!! HUGE KUDOS! PACH Jasiri-Sukari Bronco Busting Annie RN CAA SC MXP7 MXPS MJP4 MJPB TKP NDD NBDD VB (VBE pending).

Last weekend sheep and carts, this weekend jumps and tunnels:) love my multi-tasking dogs! Mosley is now in Master Std and Master JWW!!!

Oakley says it’s getting warm but I can still earn 1 point for each run.

Susan Marsicano's Fern conintues to enjoy her "'jilities". CH MACH Apu Painted Sand RA MXS2 MJC MFB T2B2 THD CL3 RS-N JV-E GV-N SC TKN FCh SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA VBE.

Weaving with inside eye closed. Shanon photo

Andrea Stone's Turkish got his NW2 title! FC Saorsa FoPaw's Notorious RI SC CA TKP L1C NW2 ATD.

Paul Mount's recieved the "Spotlight Award" honoring team Zuri (Basenji), who qualified for multiple Invitationals (and went to four), plus qualifying for Nationals in Tulsa in the process of earning MACH3.
Then, the JAG “Mentor Award”, where through my work getting UKI going in NJ, especially to the point that JAG has monthly trials, people were encouraged to participate in UKI to train/run dogs they thought might never be good enough to compete successfully.

"I thank breeder Cindy Griswold, plus my wife Carol for Zuri’s training, AKC for making Invitationals happen; I thank long time JAG President Jill Bergmann for her vision of what could be,allowing JAG to get involved with UKI, plus Kelly Ely, who makes trials go smoothly, and has been involved since those first events in Estell Manor NJ."

Karla Schreiber's keeper is Zevon - New World Lepon Conjuring.

Mary Silva added the adorable Macie to the family.

Brenda Phillip's Captain earned 4 legs towards his Barn Hunt Championship, with 6 more to go. He's shown here practicing wild rat hunting. Ch Fanfare Isn't It Ironic RA OAJ NA TDA RATM CAX.

Linda Butterworth's Aeden got his Tournament Master Championship in USDAA.

Ruby Chang & Jan Wojcik got Bump a buddy! She is one year old! They got along like they have been together for a long time! Alley-oop is her name! She has her championship from Mata Hauri basenjis! They decided not to breed her and let me have her!

Feel Better to Zest McNeill, recovering from an owie back.

Feel Better to:

Our dear friend, Allison Vicuna, who keeps on, keeps on, her fierce long battle with ovarian cancer.

Susan Marsicano's Liner won two NOTRA meets and came in 2nd at another. His son beat him! DC Apu i Liner RN SC CAA TKN FCh SGRC3 SORC VB. Christina Beckerman photo.

Sue and Bob Schulz's keeper is Teagan (Pickwick's Apu Poetry In Motion) won a Best Puppy in Match, at her first ever Match Show.

Lisa Marshall's Brady earned his nosework level 2 (NW2) title at the Loving Paws trial at Central High School in Salem, Wisconsin.

Susan Cook's Arrow got his NW3. Team Arrow was also High-in-trial! - plus 2nd place in Interiors, pronounced in Containers and earned his last element title in Interiors. (12.5 years young)

Kim McNeill's Devon - "So last weekend we had another AH-mazing AH-gility AH-dventure. And this time mom decided Spy-C could do the 'gilites too. The first couple of courses I and Spy-C did a new sport we call courseagility. The objective is to take just some of the obstacles and then run as fast as you can, impressing everyone with your speed. Everyone was very impressed with Spy-C's courseagility abilities because they'd never seen her run and she's even faster than I am. The next 2 runs, mom said I was a good boy, but we didn't get any ribbons. Then Spy-C went and she got TWO ribbons for her second run.

So then I thought that wasn't fair, so my next 2 runs I got a total of FIVE ribbons. Two for each run and another one because I finished an important title. Because I'm AH-mazing. Yep.

Andrea Stone's Gage won Best of Winners for a major, and then NOHS Group 3, in Idaho.

Susan Marsicano kept both of Gilda's puppies. Leaf is Apu Painted Cat Burglar.

Goldie is Apu La Donna e Mobile.

The Romas (& Newton, Bella & Raven) added Ivan (Pickwick's Apu The Perfect Fourth) to their family.

The Culvers added Ivy and Jasper (Pickwick's Apu Miss Kitty's Can-Can Girl and Pickwick's Apu Keep on Dancing to their family.

Hepi Armen and Cybele welcomed Baxter (Pickwick's Apu Bubby Baxter) to the family.

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

President & BCOA Liaison...Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni
Secretary....Debby Mayer
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Karen P. Christensen, Lotte Hotaling, Natalie Culver, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara E. Allen, & Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

Rip Van Wrinkler® Editors:

Editor in Chief: Susan Kamen Marsicano

Peon Editor in Chief: Tamara E. Allen