The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 2, May 2021

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Andrea Stone

So I was sitting in class yesterday and one of my classmates heard me tell Regan, "You're the worst dog ever."
With a wry smile on her face she asked me what do I like about basenjis? "Everything."

Susan K-M

At the dog show, Goldie, on the table, figured out how to kiss the judge’s cheek, by her ear, at the side of her mask. Was adorable.

Luisa Ghetti

Pollon does yoga.

FETCH (photo is 9er from long ago)

Jackie Dering - Yesterday we were passing by a pickle ball court (a cross between tennis and ping pong) and Harley spotted a ball outside of the court. She was batting it around when some guy decides to play ball with her.

He threw the ball and let me tell you he got major stink eye. She’s like you threw it, you go get it. Also, she was on leash.

Karla Schreiber
My favorite part is when they sit or stand there, and look up, and move their head to follow the arc of the ball in the air, and as it hits the ground .... and then look back at the person who threw it with an expression of either (a) complete puzzlement, or (b) stink eye.

Zevon - when he's in the mood - will still fetch (he just turned two)... But ONLY with ONE particular toy (the only stuffed toy with squeakers in it that his mother has allowed to "live"), and only for a limited time. After 4-5 back-and-forths, I toss it, and he looks at me as if to say "well, that's IT then! harumph!"

I am not sure what he WANTS me to do with it - but "continuing to throw it" for him is not the correct answer. LOL!!!

Jackie Dering
Exactly what she did. Harley still likes to play fetch with us until she doesn’t. Certainly not with a stranger who took her ball “away”.

Andrea Stone
Karla - exactly this. My kids have "certain" toys they will retrieve, but only a limited number of times.

Karla Schreiber
It's almost like they can COUNT....

Jackie Dering
If you watch them doing nose work they are doing trigonometry to find their hide. I believe they can count. They surely know when it’s time to eat and go for walks

Karla Schreiber
My boss likes to call me late in the day to "catch up" and go over things that are pending. After a full year of working from home, she now says "Oh, it is almost 5:00 - your dogs are going to start to howl! I'll let you go now.…"

Wendy Hodges

Trace - to find the rat in a tube, you must be the rat in a tube?!

Chelsea James

A great visual. For travel, bigger does not mean better!

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

—There, Sizzle, I vacuumed your beds with the handheld thing on our neat new vac.

Ashley Lorin

Ivan always finds a comfortable yoga sit.

Chris O'Rear

Swagger has this little whirl of hair on his nose just below his eyes that is his kissing spot and it is perfect.

Jackie Dering

Walk story - We were walking Luke and Harley and approaching a woman walking a bichon type dog. The little white dog started pulling and snarling. Luke and Harley just were walking by and didn’t react. A passing mailman called out “my money’s on the dingo.”

Luke walk story - This morning when we were leaving for our walk a repair guy showed up so Ed had to turn around and go home. Luke was not amused. I was walking out of the neighborhood when Mr L decided to go on a sit down strike blocking the neighborhood egress. One of my neighbors was trying to leave. He just sat in his car laughing as I tried to move the unmovable out of his way. I’m still chuckling.

Harley walk story - This morning she was particularly funny. First we stopped to talk with a couple sitting by the lake. The woman had a walker. Harley immediately began trying to remove the tennis balls from the walker legs. ? The woman thought she was adorable. I wish I’d gotten a picture.

Next she stopped to greet to two young women. She snatched a piece of saltine the woman had dropped and immediately spit it out in disgust. The girl has taste.

Kim McNeill

So, this happened today, to Spy-C. (and now her legs don't work)

Hepi Armen

Central Park cuties.

Tamara Allen

The only bath she likes - a sun bath.

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Pi the Cat.