The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 2, May 2021

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Sunshine. . .

Dennis Allen critters.

New Titles & Kudos:

This spring some events have started up, as we try to reach a new normal.

Natalie Culver's Jasper and Ivy each placed in ASFA Singles. Pickwick's Apu Keep on Dancing JC TKN JOR and Pickwick's Apu Miss Kitty's Can-Can Girl JC TKN. Photo is relaxing with grandma Carolyn.

Susan Marsicano's Liner got his AKC Rally Advanced title, with quite high scores. DC Apu i Liner SC RA CAA TKP BID FCh SGRC3 SORC JOR VBE. Scores example: Qualifying Score: 95
Points lost information: Great job! Outstanding working dog! OP3, SR1. Handler errs: HE1@9 (on finish, move forward when dog clears path)

Andrea Stone's Gage is a New Field Champion. GCH DC FoPaw's Warp Factor Won SC TKA
"I'm very proud to say that after a close run-off with great competition, this guy earned his Field Championship in 3 consecutive trials.
Gage has made me extremely proud and always gives his all. He is now the second DC out of Regan, and her 3rd FC. She makes good pups! Thank you, Jumoke Photo & Laurie Gregory, for this great photo on a great day."

Gage also earned an OH Group 3!

Brenda Phillips photo

The Stewart's Bolt got his DCAT title. GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder MC LCX5 TKP CGC THDA CA DCAT GEOD Td PD DSA ETD LCM VBE.

Tempest got her BCAT title. GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neon Nights MC LCX2 THDA CGC BCAT TKP SGRC JOR ORC UP Tdx GEOA DSA ETD LCM2 VFCH MVB.

Alita achieved her CA & BCAT titles, and she got 2 more breed points and OHBOB. FC Meisterhaus The Next Level SC TKP CA BCAT ETD CCF1. Thena got some more breed points, too. Alita won an OHG3!

Joe Stewart Photo

Brenda Phillips' Nike has a new title - two actually! He finished his Novice "find the scent buried in sand" title this morning, which then also completes his overall AKC Scentwork Novice title, good boy!

Nike completed his overall Novice level AKC Scentwork Title, so he is now: BISS BIF GCh DC Emerant Makindu Heez Got Game BN RI MC GRC SOR ORC CA RATO MVB FCh NAP LCX TDA SWN.

Zippie also qualified in Novice Interiors and Exteriors, and completed one of the entry level CPE Agility titles - I'm pleased that she's getting more and more comfortable with the pressure of competition settings!

Miss Clover got her first championship point today! Juan and Amanda Johnson are wonderful owners to share her with me, and Mom had great foresight to put up a ribbon display tree!

Renee Meriaux's Zuko earned his NJP today! Three shows, three perfect scores! A very rare ribbon picture with a human. Thanks to JoAnn Tuan for the photo!

Our condolences to Kim McNeill on the passing of her parents.

Cancer sucks -


Our love to Tank and China Blue Hodges and Karen Christensen's Tutu, all dealing with cancer.

Karen Christenen's Rip got his SORC title. FC Apu Richard Parker SC CA SGRC2 SORC.
"Ever the neglectful Mom (shameless brag): while I was watching the races and not the records, last Sunday Rip earned the last points needed for his SORC (Senior Oval Racing Championship) - a National racing title - coming in second in a 3-point meet! It has taken a L-O-O-O-N-G time (not least because until this year he was competing with his mom, Tutu, who has a SORC4. He has come in first in some recent meets but I suspect it will be a short time before his 2-year-old half sibs really catch on to the game and leave him in the dust. I know when I see his little cinnamon-bun tail wag as I work him into his racing silks, he's looking for a good time, win or lose..." He shares his call name with his great ancestor - AM/CAN CH Rose Bay’s Gay Blade, AM/CAN CD, grandfathered into the BCOA versatility program, because he was also a therapy dog.

Petteruti photo

Karen Christenen's Rose got her CAA title. Apu Keeping Up Appearances SC CAA.

Susan Marsicano's Leaf had a one year delayed NOTRA (oval racing) debut. Goldie too. Leaf won the meet twice, ending with 9 (of 12) points towards his Oval Racing Championship, plus 9 National points. Goldie got 4.5 ORC points, plus 1 National point. He also was Winners at the 2 dog shows he went to. FC Apu Painted Cat Burglar RI SC CA BID TKP. My sweetheart of a Cat Burglar. Shown posing with Luisa Ghetti's book.

Susan Marsicano's Gilda got her AKC Rally Advanced title, which qualifies her to be a BCOA Versatile Basenji Excellent.

Katie Campbell's Chief - "!!! HAIL TO THE "CHIEF" !!!
After recently completing his Rally Novice title (in 3 live-judged entries with zero prep: no classes and no practices) “Chief” now earned his *twelfth* AKC title this past weekend: Agility Open Jumpers with Weaves “OAJ”! He is now running with the big boys at the “Excellent” level alongside the “Masters”. He also earned his first “Q” in Excellent Standard in a very challenging course earning a perfect score of 100 at 2-1/2 seconds under time - wowing the gallery."

(See that run with this YouTube link)

"I’m so proud of my alphabet dog, and so grateful to have his endearing companionship through the pandemic:
MBIF NFC* DC Taji’s hAfrican Chief CA SC ACT1 OA OAJ TKN RN."

Andrea Stone's Regan was added to the Brood Bitch Performance Honor Roll.

Susan Marsicano's Fiddle got her AKC Rally Advanced title. She had 2 legs from trials, and got the last one virtually. CH Apu Sweet Baby James RA CA AX AXJ TKP RS-N JS-N GS-N MXF ORC FCh GRC MVB.

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

Officers President & BCOA Liaison...Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni
Secretary... Karen Christensen
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Natalie Culver, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara Allen, Lisa Stewart, Ashley Lorin, Frey Johnsson, Debby Mayer
& Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

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