The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XV, Issue 3, August 2011

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Yvonne 't Mannetje

Well, while Annechien was visiting, Polly found the dogfood stash and opened + ate it, Damia had to be chased through the garden for the bread she stole from the kitchen, Kanzi checked out the coffee-table from above after having been digging in the pool, Ch'ami scored a skype-headphone, and Moyo, again, stole my onions (make such nice toys).

Dana watched this all with her Mona Lisa smile

We had our "cooling off shower" unexpectedly during our walk yesterday morning. B's set a new record for "return to the parking lot".

Well, compliments for our Moyo, the best-trained-Basenji of the 3! Agility - no problem at all. He took care of me by bringing me, from the dinner table, my vitamin-pills, in a little cup, without spilling, and, most importantly, with a big smile AND a big yodel!!!

Chris O'Rear

The question did Rafiki get under the fitted sheet???

O'Rear photo

And note to Bakari....we need to discuss changes in the landscaping before you implement them! You do light up my life Bakari!

Lisa Stewart

Gambit now sails over the baby gate into Chris's room to steal his socks. So yesterday Chris closed his door. Joe and I watched her walk over to his door, assess the situation, stand up and use both paws to turn the door knob. Running into his room and stealing her treasure took all of 30 seconds.

Big sister Scotti is a bad influence on the puppies, last night Gambit discovered she could jump onto the kitchen counters. I spent the next 30 minutes taking her off the counter and telling her no. Typical basenji, she immediately jumped up again this am to check out my latte.


Basenjis DO have springs. Hip Hop was cured of jumping on counters way back long ago, when we visited a friend, who was not a good housekeeper, & Hippy hopped up, landing in a sink full of COLD, WET, then NOISY dishes.

Lisa Stewart

Last night Joe was refilling his plate and left it too close to the edge of the counter, Xander reached up to see what was on it and flipped the plate with potato dumpling over onto the floor scaring the daylights out of him. I don't think he will be doing that again.

Thank goodness for unbreakable dinner plates.

Karen P. Christensen

I wish I moved fast enough to get a pic of Laser doing a side-lying "fitness band" workout on the futon with my elastic head band. He was really workin' it!

Eunice Ockerman

Like to think the prez might enjoy stretching out with a Basenji. (New Yorker Magazine, Catcher, Jerry)

Write your own caption.

Ockerman photo

Kirsten Sigrist

Ariel has trained Tessie to bark for her when she needs to go outside.

Lisa Duffy

Sophie's Basenji impression. *Note the upright ear and the wrinkles.

Duffy photo

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