The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 3, August 2011

Tutu, "Dolly Parton?" ©Susan Kamen Marsicano, 2011


.........Noteable Quotables  
Yvonne 't Mannetje : Well, compliments for our Moyo, the best-trained-Basenji of the 3!
Agility - no problem at all. He took care of me by bringing me, from the dinner table,
my vitamin-pills, in a little cup, without spilling, and, most importantly, with a big smile AND a big yodel!!!

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

Contest Winners

New Contest

Match Report

a. Racing

b. Breed Judging

c. Muscial Sits

d. Musical Downs

e. Best Yodelor, Most Wrinkles, Curliest Tail

f. Veggie Eating

g. Costume Class, My Favorite Country Western Artist

h. Ambiance

Custom Embroidery for Club Gear

New Lyme Disease Test

Our First Basenjis

Training - CPE Jackpot

Interview with W. Jean Dodds DVM


Stuff Stuff Stuff, Round-Up Toxicity

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

© 2011 Susan Kamen Marsicano “Obike Cowboy Hat & Guitar”

S K-M, Mannetje, Stewart, Ockerman, Sigrist, Mayer,
 Mattuchio, Stone, Sturman, Osenni, Sahulka, Chodock,
 Hemopet, Galardi, Chuvala, Schulz, Johnson-Byrne,
Van de Last, Sailor, Culver, Pistorio, Fogarty,
Grewe, Rhymer, Duffy, O'Rear, Donaldson, Layport.

Cover: Tutu, "Dolly Parton?" ©Susan Kamen Marsicano, 2011
© 2011 Susan Kamen Marsicano “Obike Cowboy Hat & Guitar”

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