The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 3, August 2011

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Mark your calendars!

Our 15th Annual


will be on SEPT. 4th, all day,

in Starkville, NY, at the GONE ASFA trial.

FMI -  Susan K-M

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As the Tail Turns

Fresh garlic scapes, ready to saute, late on July 4. 
I was intending a photo of just the garlic, since I'd never seen them before and they were pretty on the cutting board. 
While taking that photo Obike came by and posed to match! 
Obike, one day shy of 6 yrs old, with garlic scapes.  How did six happen? 
 He'll always be "the little dog" both younger and shorter than Kunjo.

Culver photo

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