The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

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Johnny Mróz

I think we’re born
with two hands
so we can pet
two dogs at once.

Brenda Phillips

Cleaning out my pockets at the end of a VERY long day at the lure trial. My personal dogs were there as helpers for new dogs today, and they did that job well. Not so long a go they were the big winners, but batons pass, as it should be.

And yet I can't help but get a little misty finding a scrap of the lure Nike stole off the field, pulling it THROUGH his muzzle at the end of a run. Damn, heez a good dog, that monster of mine.

Uschi Grewe

We were visiting Claudi's (my daughter in law) parents and I had to keep AJ on his leash, as he already had eaten half of the bread which was meant for our lunch.

Annechien Smith
AJ lives up to my expectation of being a proper grandson!!! To comfort you, Romy stole a steak of pork fillet off the counter two days ago. She is as sneaky as a basenji, so she fits right in!

Heike Rein
He has to test whether they don't poison you... ha, ha and that look.

Karla Schreiber
This reminds me of the time my ex husband and I took Max (first Basenji) to a thanksgiving dinner at his mother's house. At one point during the meal (there were about 12 people), Max appeared with an entire turkey leg in his mouth, and proceeded to circle the table with it at a rapid rate of speed..... That certainly got everyone's attention! My then-mother-in-law was also into shamanism, and had a shaman "alter" set up in her basement recreation room. We'd only been at her house about 20 minutes when Max emerged from the basement (there was no door!!) with a big mouth full of fancy feathers, and some buckskin. We were never invited back.... Not even after Aaron was born... Hmmm. LOL! And fwiw, of course we brought a crate for Max. My then mother-in-law did not "believe" in crates and thought dogs should "roam free." I believe Max changed her mind about that - and NO he was NOT allowed to "roam free" in her yard...

Renee Meriaux

Just freakin' cute! Oakley perfect paws crossed.

Joe Stewart

Sir Trogalaot is now snoozing in his fauna sauna. While we were gone I got a text inquiring how to stop Trog from howling. Concerned I called home to get the 411. It wasn’t pain related. Trog was expressing his displeasure in the quality of service he was getting. He is used to a personal chef with warm eggies twice a day and snuggles in a bed. Getting kibble with some chicken and a dogbed was not acceptable for a senior of his stature. He was letting our son know about it in no uncertain terms. He’s been eating like a pig since I got home.

Jackie Dering
Trog, don’t leave a tip. You deserve better.

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

—Sizzle, that generic Little White Dog barks at every dog that passes his house except you.
—He knows who's boss.

—Debby, about your obsession with my tail . . .
—It's a beautiful appendage, Sizzle, and your flag, not of surrender, but . . .
—Presence. I'm here.

Jackie Dering

Perhaps she should lie the other way.

Sally Wuornos Basenjis much prefer to do it their way.


Leaf found he loves golf carts at his first LGRA meet. He wanted to go home with Winnie Powers and the salukis. He hitched a ride at a breed show too - found another golf cart to hitch a ride on. Thanks, Penny, for being such a good sport. Yes, he got up there, his choice.

Andrea Stone Gage and Pha took right to riding on a golfcart when we were in Idaho.
Susan Kamen Marsicano
Andrea seems to be telling us that every basenji needs a golf cart.
Dennis Allen
Stella and or Tippy did this at Burnt Rancherias campground one time. The nice people that are stopped to talk to us one of them hopped in to golf cart.
Tamara Allen
Dennis - that was Tippy - she was smoozing them big time. They were falling for her curly tailed charm.
Kipawa Harder
Kipawa used to ride around like that with Kevin when he visited his breeders.

Tamara Allen

When it is too hot to chase a squirrel, giving them the stink eye from your plushy pillow will do.

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