The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

©2021, David Leer (Creekside Photography), Turkish Stone, Nosework.
"He's a tapper. Once he slapped a tin (in training of course) across the room and I laughed, and laughed.
He will slap them now whenever he can."


Noteable Quotables

Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners (after dinner etiquette)

New Contest, Recipes

Fundraiser summary - winners

©2021, Jan Pataky, Zarity with Valentina.



Kamen Marsicano, Leer, Pataky, Grønli, Peštová,
Mayer, Phillps, Dering, Grewe, Stewart, Allen,
Meriaux, DePetri, Clark, Melia, JCdogphoto,
Butterworth, Ng, Hodges, Wi, Lorin, Maxka, Stone,
Hocker, Matucchio, Kasper, 't Mannetje, Osenni,
Schulz, Lue, Tse, Lowbeer, O'Rear, Waldgeister,
MacMillan, Fugzu, Mulloy, K-State, Zulu, Lunetta,
Kürsten, Woodard, Cole, Vavra, Page Eliot.

Dogs & Cats in this issue:


Turkish, Nzangi, Zarity, Sizzle, Harley,
Lela, AJ, Leaf, Goldie, Trog, Tippy,
Oakley, Teagan, Ivy, Thena, Alita, Zippie,
Zuko, Oognah, Trace, Tutu, Xander, Tank,
Zepar, Scarlet, Niner, Stella, Luke, M,
Ian, Fern, Amelia, Trill, Liner, Phaser,
Gage, Fiddle, Gilda, Sandy, Occhi,
Fender, Ellie, Sharky & his brother, Rip,
Stuart Little, True, Hip Hop, Flash,
Frolic, Osa, Dana, Ch'Ami, Tycho,
Solis, Kodji, Mellie, Swagger, Ole,
Selket, Mila, Kevin, Lucky (+ pals), Ivan,
Guy Noir, Jimmy, Cricket, Obike, Maddie,
Bolt, Don, Kona, Moyo, Stone, Parkkur.

Cats: Pi, Little, Sweetness.

Horses: Whim

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