The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

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Training Conversation

Karen Hocker photo

1. Just Jumping!

2. First ever basenji lure coursing in Italia.


S K-M, 2002

My Flash dog, Ch. Apu Flash (1980-1997), a favorite of David Hill's, liked to jump on the table at shows too.. and judges loved it too.

The first time he did it, the judge was Mrs. Fell. She watched me bend down and not know where my dog was, as he was already up on the table. Flash got Winners, and, she also gave me Winners Bitch that day.

My youngster, SanderElla, puts her little paws on the table and tries a hitch up, but she can't quite get there.. The judges love that too.

All the boys dogs who have ever lived their lives out here jump up onto my kitchen table for their dinner.

Hip Hop was 'cured' of jumping up on kitchen counters (from a sit, as that is how she hops) when she was young. She jumped up in a messy friend's messy kitchen, and unbeknownst to her the sink was full of dirty dishes and COLD soapy water. She landed in the sink, and there was a great deal of noise and wetness. She has never done that again.. Behavior modified.

Hip Hop with judge Anna K. Nicholas.

Lisa Voss, 2009
Too funny Susan, this is exactly how my boy Nicky learned to "Look Before You Leap". He was playing with our cat Sparky who liked to take quick turns and then leap onto something high and then see if Nicky would be able to avoid running into the obstacle. Nicky realized he was going to careen into the kitchen cabinets and leapt up into the kitchen sink. He landed in a large bowl we were soaking before washing. Now he won't jump anywhere he can't see first.

Hay bale jumping by Irena Peštová.

Tunnel jumping - Erica Kasper's puppy, Frolic, and her mom, Osa, looking on.

Goldie jumps the tunnel.

Jump over - Dana jumps over Ch'Ami 't Mannetje.

Sharky Osenni clears that log!

Nose Dive - Sandy while Occhi watches

by Luisa Ghetti
Basenjis try lure coursing in Italia, for the first time.

11 July, 2021, Desio.

Tired but happy, the first Basenji meet was held in Italy, dedicated entirely to Coursing and Basenji, in Desio. This wasTommaso Curci's idea and management help and recording by Luisa Ghetti.

Photos by Fugzu on FlickR.

There were 18 Basenjis participating in the day, of which only one was a spectator.
The others all did a first test, 14 individual and 3 pairs.
In reality, in the morning, thanks to Curci's professionalism and availability, we managed to do 3 shifts.
Some dogs then made 3 runs.

Before noon we tried a group photo ... but someone had already left and the Swiss family of the tricolor Holly (Quentin delle Caserosse) had not yet arrived.

Fortunately, shortly thereafter he too tried the race, doing the entire course ... at the start accompanied and encouraged by his humans.

While the former ate a good lunch at the tables, many were able to free their basenjis in the large enclosure where the races had taken place.

Chat chat and chat like we all have known each other for years.
Desire to repeat the day in the same way and in the same period next year.
A group that has agreed to go to Desio cyclically, some for the races and some simply to free their basenji in that huge field of grass only, with the surrounding wood, fenced in whose borders you can't see.

Hot , happy, and tired.

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