The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXI, Issue 2, May 2017

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There have been several posters sponsored by the Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club, sold to benefit the BHE

They were all signed limited editions. Some have a few numbers left. All are $40 each, including S&H.

Dreamers, winner of two DWAA Maxwells, in 2000. SOLD OUT.


'The Lunetta/Kamen Quilt Poster', by Susan K-M & Jo Lunetta. Finalist in 2007 DWAA competition.
'Bakers' Dozen,' from the oil painting by that name, by Susan Kamen Marsicano.
‘Kiafrika Azima’or Basenji N the Hood, by Ashley.
Kiafrika Azima 2, or Kidz 'N da Hood, by Ashley.
Twin Towers Tight Rope, by Susan Kamen Marsicano.

Posters are signed, archival, limited editions of 200 (KA2 is 50) ~ size is 13" X 19".

ALL PROCEEDS to The Basenji Health Endowment
Contact Susan Marsicano for how to order a poster for yourself.


St. Jim

The Lunetta/Kamen Quilt Poster (54 left)

The Bakers' Dozen (17 left)

Kiafrika Azima/Basenjis 'n da Hood (12 left)

Kiafrika Azima 2, or Kidz 'N da Hood (24 left)

Twin Towers Tight Rope (9 left)

Here is the story behind the Twin Towers Tight Rope Poster - a little background:

I lived in New York City (born in NYC) for most of my life, before moving to Woodstock, NY. I went to Cooper Union Art School in downtown Manhattan from 1959-61 & lived in what is now called SOHO for many years.. I also lived on Pearl Street in the financial district of the city, & walked my Apu dog in the Battery Park. I watched the Twin Towers be built, walking by there very often.

In the late 70s, this French fellow scaled the towers (and tight roped) and I was amused, so I made a drawing of my Blush (Bomabwa Blushing Bride) and her grandson Poet (Ch. Apu's Precocious Poet) tight roping between the towers.. I have always kept this drawing framed on the chest in my bedroom.

After 9/11 this drawing became a sort of icon. People have been asking me to reproduce it,
so I made a poster of this drawing from 1979.

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