The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XIII, Issue 2, May 2009

© 2009, Stephanie Lee Sereday, "Finish Line"


.........Noteable Quotables  
11-year-old Hank pushes himself up next to guests as they try and relax on the couch
and then he throws his head back to give them the cue that it is now time for them to stroke his neck and chest.
  He will repeat this move more times than you can count, and if one stops stroking him for a moment he gives the cue again. . . .

Annechien Smith’s Bertie is the first ever Grand Lure Courser Basenji in the UK!  Maridadi Kibwana GLCM.

Donna Hess’ Aussie Gunner, earned his ASCA CD & his AKC CD; most of the legs were placings.
He also won his Rally class & earned
his 2nd leg!!

Lisa Voss’ Nicky got his Vet. FCh. - DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VetFCh, JOR.. . .

Contest Winners

The shows are so much more then just going into the ring and trotting around.
They are about friends and getting together. Oh, and of course for me, finding the nearest sushi restaurant.
In all that I would say my strongest memory involves Westminster.
From the first time I saw that show on TV, back in my twenties, I had dreamed to be on that green carpet. . .

New Contest, Yummy Recipe (PDF)

July 12th Match (PDF)

Stealing Souls

Thyroid Conversation (PDF)
Thyroid Conversation/Karen P. Christensen

 "Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder in dogs." What?!

If it's so common, why don't we hear more about it?  You're about to hear a lot
-- about a disorder that can seriously impact your dog's health and well-being!
Keep in mind that hypothyroidism is easy and inexpensive to treat,
and dogs whose condition is treated are generally happy and healthy for a long time! . . .

A Basenji Adieu

No Applause Please, On B Temperament

Round Beds


Feedback (PDF)

New Raffle, Reinforcing

Handmade necklace & bracelet by Uschi Grewe

Calendar, As the Tail Turns (PDF)

Art: Kamen Marsicano, Lunetta, Oakley, Baker, Maxka, Grewe, Mannetje, Stewart, Sauceda, Thompson, Smith.

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