The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 1, February 2020

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Zest quilt by Kim McNeill.


Sir Ivan of the Longneck, giraffesenji.

Dagmar Herhoffer

Dear Susan,
Look what I have found, when I looked into some older papers.
I did this cartoon many years ago......but nothing changed:

We love our Basenjis.....whatever they do!!  

Last summer I had to let my dear Cindy go. She was 12 years old.
I was so very sad, and for two month I searched for a basenji for me.
What was I thinking of! You don´t get the one you´re looking for, but you get THE ONE you need.

And so it was.
One lucky day I found an advertisement that a 10-month-old male basenji needed a new home.
Hm......I am not the youngest......I had females.....he is young......can I handle him??
I decided to phone and meet the family. And two days later Benji was ours. It was love on the first sight.  He wasn't strange for me at all.

And:  Did you ever had a Basenji who hugs everyone??
He hugs every dog we meet......every person who smiles when we meet....and there are many who are smiling. Because he looks directly into their eyes, like a kid meeting Santa!!


Making my bed......ready for the photo!!


Do I look good ???

My Benji makes me laugh every day.

The owners before me had no idea about what a basenji is.
They told me that he steals every sweets he could find.....even he searched through the drawers in the kids rooms.

Look....I tested him!!!! On the right you can see my cake and coffee

Linda Butterworth

Pi, "I broke Mom's barn broom so I could take a nappy in the sun.
She loves it when I help in the barn or drive to the barn in her truck. Well maybe not, since when we go to the barn and I'm in the truck not roof surfing (not sure why she doesn't like that), I ride right in front of her steering wheel, so she has to look out over me. She says good thing for rearview mirrors and side mirrors for backing."

He is a riot . He opted to come out and put chickens away last night, and was very upset when I refused to drop the chicken on my shoulder for him to herd to the barn.

About the February Wrinkler!

Karen Terry What a wonderful publication!

Lotta Olsson Thank you for a great Wrinkler ? And Hio made it again

Jackie Dering Love this issue! So many beautiful pictures and laughs.

Debby Mayer 90! Wow!

Anne MacMillan Excellent as always ????

Karla Schreiber Another great Wrinkler! Zevon says thank you for his pic, and it was ?? to see all the leaf photos - including Kevlar's.... I also think the new photo contest theme is going to elicit some epic entries - grin!!

Chris O'Rear Yes, another great Wrinkler!! Make me smile and think Great job as always and thank you for including Swagger

Renee Meriaux Great read!

Lisa Stewart Great reminder to get back to the trick dog training. Need to teach 3 more for the girls expert level/ AKC TKP. We normally spend the winter months working Tricks and rally as we don’t want to travel much then.

Dennis Allen Great job Susan.


Hey Sketchy. When are you letting the Piddles out? I have a subcontracting opportunity for them. What was that? No! No, I’ve not seen your left shoe. Okay, so you put two under the coffee table and one is missing. Why are you narrow eyeing me? I am perfectly innocent. Perhaps you’re shoe has been quarantined for testing positive to Sketchyness. What’s that? What’s the subcontracting opportunity? Um that’s classified. How could you allege that I would have them piddle on your shoe? I was simply going to show them the essentials of follow the leader. I cannot be held responsible for any BMs that may or may not occur. Maddie Out!

Muwahahahahaha! Beware! Oh Bald Sketchy One. The Army of Anti-Sketchy Senjis is in training to Keep Insensitive Cowardly Known Errant Reprobates of Sketchy disciplined. That’s Right! My puppy ASS KICKERS are already capable of left shoe relocation. They have not yet mastered the subtleties of hiding the sketchy totem, but give me time Two Legs! Their curly tail to shoe weight ratio will soon level out and they’ll be able to carry it without nose diving down the stairs. Yes I may have laughed a bit when the went tail over teakettle. My Piddles have registered their grievances concerning the Crate in Place edict that you have frivolously employed on them. It’s just not smart to lay on the couch in their line of sight, Dude! It’s even worse to let them hear a theme song! ?Bad Two Legs, Bad Two Legs, Whatcha Gonna Do When the Piddles Come For You? There had better be some warm cheese eggies and steak on the menu real soon. Maddie out!

Oh My Dog! The Two Legs are acting strange.
I thought the Sketchinator was gaining some enlightenment by bringing me my Piddle minions. But no, he continues to lower the learning curve for all Two Legs. He and the Blonde Two Legs have taken to voluntarily wearing muzzles. Since they’ve been staying home I’m suspicious that there is Sketchyness afoot. Now I know Tempest and Gambitch often get muzzled when they’re on a trip to chase bunnies. The Bald Boob says it’s because they will bite lines. This could be the reason as they only wear the muzzles when the go out for eggs and milk. The problem with that is it’s normally Baldy that brings back those essentials. We can all just agree that a Maddie without eggies is just a call for The Shadow to retaliate. It is essential that my belly is served and filled. Anyway, it ought to be the Blonde Two Legs that gets muzzled as I have much greater confidence that she has the mastication ability to chew through the long lines that the Two Legs complain about when they return. She’s like Gambitch in that regard. So there must be another reason. The Blonde did say it improved the Bald Boob’s appearance so maybe it’s that. I must admit that I’ve been a bit distracted with the new entertainment: Keeping Up With the Piddles. Baldy has underestimated how quickly my little red curly tailed Shadowlings are learning to throw Shade. I have already taught them to relocate his Sketchers of Sketchyness. Unfortunately, as it is with all new recruits teaching them the difference between left and right is difficult. Those little needle teethed bitches keep grabbing the right one instead of the all Sketchy left one. Speaking of needle teethed, sometimes the training sessions devolve and bite me in the tail. Literally. Alita, distracts me with an attempted run and Thena zooms in for a grab of my tail. Now, as we all know “Who knows which Piddle gets rolled in the grass? The Shadow Does!” So if my butt gets nipped, you’re getting flipped. Maddie out!

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