The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 3, August 2018

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Feedback. . .

Maridadi Lainilulu, aka Kani, painted by her owner, Debbie Cooks.


Photos by Mia Lowbeer.

About the May Wrinkler!

Tamara Allen Well of course we didnt miss it! We never do, thoroughly enjoy reading it from what used to be cover to cover - now enjoy reading it in inorganic form :)

Lisa Stewart so sad again to see so many losses. had to stop and enjoy the recipies to regain composure.

Kim McNeill agree with Lisa, but the Wrinkler is fabulous as always.

Susan Kamen Marsicano So many great life filling friends left us.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Special thanks to Eva Pianfetti for her art!

Tamara Allen Page 8: The tumble to avoid the dog - I totally relate. Years ago I was running with Fawny Liebowitz in the canyon, she stopped suddenly in front of me. I was afraid of stepping on the 16 lb little basenji so stopped so stopped my feet causing me to fall (face plant) in the canyon dirt/rocks. I picked my head up, leash still tethered to my hand, and waved to Dennis with my other free hand (probably I looked like a beached seal...) and he looks worried, panicked and yells across the canyon "did you fall on Fawn? Is she okay??" Yeah, the dogs fine. "Whew, I was worried". Umm, I think I am okay, but yeah, no worries, the dog is good.... Priorities!

Kim McNeill dog people

Kipawa Harder I read each article from page one to the end - this is such a wonderful publication. Thank you to Susan and all of the contributors! Whom do I contact to order the two posters "Bakers' Dozen" and "Twin Towers"?

Susan Kamen Marsicano Just message me, or email.

Dennis Allen Great job with the Wrinkler Susan Kamen Marsicano,, I always enjoy it.

Yvonne Morant Another wonderful issue. I shed tears, too. I read in your Minutes this may have been last issue. I understand completely, having had the experience of putting out a newsletter for years; it is such a big job. But you are to be commended for your absolutely wonderful publication over so long. Always amusing, always informative and authoritative, with great pictures. I sure will miss the Wrinkler!

Uschi Grewe The wrinkler is so wonderful, as ever, Susan! Well, I do hope it is not your last wrinkler but could understand. It is unbelievable work to do a magazin, online or paper. I can say that for sure as I founded the German club magazine and did it for 10 years.

Anja Dietze Yes, it's a wonderful issue and I found one picture with my first Basenji Figo and you - thanks Susan. Nice!

Susan Kamen Marsicano I loved Figo!

Lisa Marshall Thank you as always for such a great newsletter! Appreciate that you watch out for our brags!!

Jackie Dering Lovely issue. I always enjoy the Wrinkler so much.

Wendy Hodges I'm falling all over myself with this issue of The Wrinkler - literally! So many nice surprises in this issue, thank you!

Linda Butterworth Thank you for another great informative issue.

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The terriers (and Dachshunds) of R.A.T.S. are proud to be a part of New York City's efforts to control our rodent population. Yesterday we were privileged to join some of our elected officials and representatives of city agencies such as the Department of Health and the Department of Sanitation in a Rat Summit. It is clear that residents of the city are demanding that we do more to reduce the presence of rats in their neighborhood. R.A.T.S. was well represented by Susan Friedenberg, Bill Reyna and yours truly along with Catcher and Rommel.
The dogs more or less stole the show!! We can expect to be even busier for the rest of the year.............................RICHARD REYNOLDS

Fragment oil painting by Susan K-M, circa 1970s.

Brini cat, who normally is shy of the dogs, landed in the middle of the pile and graciously ? (hissing & growling but nothing else) retreated to the corner; this was a HUGE event regarding the cat, and the dogs...did nothing. Just like they always do when the cat is around.

I suspect it's only a matter of time before the cat figures out she is safe with the dogs.............................................KAREN CHRISTENSEN



Bump Wojcik

Dana, Moyo and Lola 't Mannetje

Ollie and Penelope Rivers

Bolt Stewart, double tasking. Combining tricks and rally.

Scarlet, Fiddle, Liner and Gilda Marsicano

AJ Grewe