The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 3, August 2018

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It's raffle time for the Colorado Basenji Rescue.

100% of proceeds will go to Colorado Basenji Rescue to help homeless basenjis.

Raffle item is this wonderful basenji textile art by our club member, Kim McNeill.

Raw edge applique on cotton fabric with thread painting and applied to a linen background.
Art work is approximately 16x13 and is stretched on wood stretchers ready for framing of your choice.

Tickets are $5 payable to:
Colorado Basenji Rescue
c/o Sandra Walker
4440 W. 63rd Ave
Arvada Colo 80003

The cut off for buying tickets is Nov 30 and the drawing will happen on Dec 8, 2018.
***Ticket stubs will be mailed to participants so please include complete name and mailing information.
For any questions email Sandra at

Kim actually loved this piece so much she decided to do a limited run of glicee prints made and will offer them up after the drawing. Prints are the standard size of 11x14 and are not part of the raffle. Contact Kim for more information on prints.

Artwork based on a photo by Alimenti and used with permission.

EPstyle - handpainted pillows.

My name is Eva Pianfetti. I am an Italian painter.
I started painting at the age of ten. At fourteen I enrolled at the art school and, after this, at the Academy of Fine Arts.
In my pictorial production I differentiate the "decorative" works, among which those I propose here, from those concerning artistic research properly so-called .

I realize the EPstyle works with a passion for painting that has been with me for a lifetime and with the professionalism gained over years of practice.

The works I propose are all unique & original. I do not do the same painting twice, because I think that one of the most fascinating features of applied pictorial art lies in making unique objects.

EP as "Evolution is in your Personality" is my "slogan". I want to underline the importance of the uniqueness of the individual, who, with his particular personality, with his way of being and existing, can give a boost to the evolution understood as positive growth of society and of the human being. Individuality but not individualism.

Hamilton Hound Collars
Custom Designs by Andrea Hamilton

Liner & Fern's new collars.

Rai-Tei Basenji Dresses (find Rai-Tei & Katrin Rzeszut on Facebook)
Tippy and Stella Allen in their Rai-Tei "Dresses".
More. . .

Tags by Andrea Stone
Crate and collar tags available in hand stamped aluminum, with or without all manner of fancy bits.

Not just Basenjis!

Collar tag shapes and sizes can vary upon request, prices start at $15/tag. Crate tags start at $35.
Please email Andrea at or PM Andrea Stone on Facebook. Facebook page coming soon.

IslandTop Designs tags. (828) 429-5322

Vegan collars
Collars by Jennifer Marks. Ember Skye Designs
Fern design for Fernie. Gift from Linda Butterworth. Liner looks handsome in it.
Obike looks sharp in his new Martingale collar.

Fuzzy Wumpets Collars

Spiffy Dog collars
Air Collar

What to do if your dog is LOSTSEE HERE

Important information to consider before hiring a tracking team to help find a lost pet. - SEE HERE

How to catch a loose dog without chasing him/her.

Embroidered Club Gear ~ Contact Suzy Zeh or 1.888.828-5445

Posters for the Basenji Health Endowment
Lunetta/Kamen BHE Quilt, Kiafrika Azima, Kiafrika Azima 2, Twin Towers Tight Rope, The Bakers’ Dozen.
Signed, limited edition, archival prints of all 5 posters still available.

Collars & Slip Leads

Richard Gallione - (888) 283-7575 - Beautiful collars, leads, even bracelets. Master’s Pride

H.R. Hoerr / LTD Leathergoods - (760) 789-5643 - Leather Lure Coursing & Obedience Leashes

Hogan Leathers

Training, Etc.

Finding a Lost Dog

Clean Run

The Whole Dog Journal

Affordable Agility (equipment)

HiTop Dog Training - Nancy Banask

High Goal Farm - Wendy Cerilli


Omaha Vaccine - (800) 367-4444

KV Vet - (800) 423-8211

Misc. very nice stuff

Lotte Schaeffer 
Sculptures & dolls, “Serious Art with a Touch of Whimsy.”

Kreations by Khur/ Lisa Stewart

Laura Shapiro Art Furniture

Hand Made Xpen Covers
Foxy Roxy Creations

Animal and human photographer, Mary Beth Printsky (MB La Belle Photography)
"I still shoot film and I love and enjoy it."

William & Shirley Wagner
WiSh Crafts” Basenji sun catchers, stained glass. Special orders from your own photos.  (508) 543-6651

Metropolitan Museum Store

Highly recommended books/DVDs/Blogs:

Temple Grandin - "Animals in Translation"

Patricia McConnell - "The Other End of the Leash"

Turid Rugaas – “On Speaking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

Leslie Nelson – “Really Reliable Recall”

Michael Reed Gach – “Acupressure’s Potent Points”

Denise Como – “Running Sighthounds”, “Sighthounds Afield”

Robert Vavra – “Canis Basenji”  BCOA store

Jean Dodds and Diana Laverdure - The Canine Thyroid Epidemic - Answers You Need for Your Dog

Jean Dodds and Diane Laverdure - Canine Neutrigenomics

Dr. Nancy Kay - "Your Dog's Best Health, a dozen reasonable things to expect from your vet"
and "Speaking for Spot, be the advocate your dog needs to live a happy, healthy, longer life"

Debby Mayer Blog

Health Listings:

Apu Basenjis Health page (old, but interesting)

Fanconi management- Dr. Steve Gonto – - Fanconi Protocol 2016

OFA - DIRECT TEST for Fanconi test HERE: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

IPSID - Cindy Griswold, (830) 868-7649 or

Thyroid - W. Jean Dodds DVM – Hemopet

Online test submission form for thyroid testing

11561 Salinaz Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Tel #: 714-891-2022 - Fax #: 714-891-2123

Cystinuria research - Dr. Paula Henthorn - Diagnosing Cystinuria


Dog Food Sensitivity Kit

NutriScan is Hemopet's novel patented diagnostic test based on saliva, which can reveal the latent or pre-clinical form of food sensitivity

or food intolerance. Their test panels are for the most common allergens, and now include 20 allergens set up in 2 separate panels.

HA Test - Test can be done at the University of Missouri.

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