The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 4, November 2018

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Doug Nielsen's Swanny.

Mia Lowbeer
September 18
Cystinuria is not a new thing in Basenjis!

Elspet Ford wrote about it in her book "The Complete Basenji" in 1993
In Sweden in the book "Sund Hundavel - genetiska anomalier hos hund", 1994. There are some old papers as well from the 1970s I think where Basenjis are mentioned. Have been looking to find the references. I think there were in the file from the Basenji Conference in Australia.

Katrin Rzeszut I've read that too in Elspet's book, but at that time I had no idea that this is such a big issue, most likely because noone spoke or wrote about it... at least not that I know of...

Mia I really think we had just a few cases back then. Now it is exploding and is in other breeds as well. I am member of a group about cystinuria, all breeds, and just new cases every day and guess what food most of the dogs have been eating??

Katrin Rzeszut Pretty sad about it! I’ve heard of a few cases in American akitas and trigger or cause was the same crappy brands {of food}?

Marieke Hoeijmakers Orijen and Acana?

Mia Either or!

Marieke Hoeijmakers That is just so wrong!

Katrin Rzeszut yes both brands... that's why I almost freak out when I hear that someone is feeding them.

Therese Norberg Fahdi I used to give Acana but heard of this so I've switched. Ayni doesn't like Orijen.

Susan K-M I got my first basenji in 1973 and never bought another dog, meaning I bred all of my dogs since then. The Apu dogs are pretty much related to one another but long lived, Fanconi & PRA free, and I have not lost track of any of the dogs. Never saw cystinuria until a boydog, Fern’s brother, born in 2008. He was fed Orijen. However, I feel he inherited it. He’s almost 11 now and fine.

Jo Myers Thompson Mia, Rakkas Yulara can you identify what research teams are currently working on this for basenjis?

Katrin Rzeszut I think Chris Maxka can also help you out with this, not sure if it was UPenn that works on genetic test.

Rakkas Yulara Jo Myers Thompson No, but I think BCOA has it on their agenda.

Susan K-M - *Paula Henthorn, UPenn. *BCOA survey.

Andrea Stone Yep, found it in my little book when T was first diagnosed.

Jo Myers Thompson Can you please share?

Andrea Stone See "The Complete Basenji". That's the book I'm referring to.

About the August Wrinkler!

Tamara Allen Love it, as always, thank you!

Dennis Allen Great to see what is going on in the Wrinkler world. Thanks Susan.

Lisa Marshall What a fun issue! Thank you!

Brenda Phillips The Bendy page made me laugh!

Sue Schulz Absolutely beautiful edition! Still going through it, there is so much! Love it!!

Jackie Dering Love it. Especially the piece on training a dog to file his or her own nails.

Yvonne 't Mannetje Love it, thanks for all your efforts Susan!

Lisa Stewart Great job, must try the recipies.


Digital, chute

Susan K-M My dogs loved the chute, errr, ahum, unless it was full length in the pouring rain.

Goodbye to Chute

Kim McNeill Oh it was definitely Diggie's all time favorite. I let him train Zest! to do the chute. Sent him in and she followed. Did that a few times and she was ready to do it on her own at full speed.

Susan K-M Gilda was so loving figuring it out, and then, poof, it was gone. sad.

Brenda Phillips I can't recall now if Zippie! ever saw a chute...

Susan K-M Brenda - one day we can have chute party for all. !!!

Brenda Phillips I actually own one, in my garage

Susan K-M Brenda - I have one too.

Kim McNeill I have one, as shown above

Kim McNeill baby Zest! on the frame

Kim McNeill bendy Devon on the dogwalk

Tamara Allen I do at home!

Michael Tomlinson
I HAVE A NEIGHBOR A COUPLE OF DOORS DOWN THAT I TALK TO almost daily. She’s in her late 70s and lives with her husband. She walks her golden retriever several times a day and we have become good friends over the years - she, I and Emylou, her pooch. When I see them I will go outside, no matter what the weather, and we’ll talk awhile. If it’s not raining we’ll pull up a couple of lawn chairs and visit for twenty or thirty minutes sometimes. She and I are the great bird lovers on our long block. We both love crows too, which some folks don’t so much. For years she has fed a family of crows on her back deck. She will lightly spread some peanut butter on a couple of slices of bread and the crows will come and get it and feed their young. They are so comfortable that they’ll light right next to her cat and the golden, no fear at all.

There have been a number of families of crows she’s fed over the years. She will recognize them and their young and see them evolve and sometimes disappear as they get older. And she has a little box of the gifts they’ve brought her over time; polished stones, colorful pieces of glass and even costume jewelry. At least she assumes it’s costume jewelry. Maybe she ought to have a couple of those stones looked at.

Yesterday Claudia, my friend, was working in her lovely garden of a back yard when she noticed an old crow she’d known for years was following her around. That was unusual. Though the crows trust her, they don’t usually hop and walk around behind her as she works. This one did. She noticed something that she has seen before when crows get very old, his feet had growths on them, misshaped and distorted. She walked up onto the deck to get something and noticed that the crow hopped up to the bottom step and just looked at her. She talked to him and went into the house and made a little dish of cat food. She reached down slowly and he began to eat it right out of her hand. None had ever done that before. He ate the entire dish and then she got him some water, though the crows usually drink at her bird feeder. He drank and then he hopped underneath the bottom step, where he seemed to feel sheltered and safe. Claudia talked to him and then went into the house and brought out an old towel and folded it near him. He just watched her. After watching him for a little while longer she went inside. The next morning she came back down and he had died, as she’d thought he would, but first he’d laid on her warm, dry towel. That is where she found him.

She told me and I got tears in my eyes. Not that a crow died, though if I knew one as personally as she does, I would certainly cry when he died. But I got tears in my eyes because of the beautiful trust between them. She is a kind and loving woman. And that old crow chose her to go to when he was dying. I cannot see that as a small thing. I see it as a wonder. I see it as trust as big and beautiful as trust can be. It is a high honor to a human being that a wild creature turns to her, trusting in her kindness at the end of his life. I am so grateful to Claudia for telling me the story. I hope it touches you as it did me. ~ Michael Tomlinson

The Maddie Chronicles:

Folks I’ve been silent for awhile now, but I had to speak up. That blonde two legs disappeared and left me with the Bald Sketchy one. This is UNACCEPTABLE!! I HAVE STANDARDS. First off, He stinks! He would disappear outside and come in stinky and grumbly. He even violated my outside stuffy rights by collecting my carefully positioned and placed toys from the back yard. A girl has to have outside toys! Then he took this thing out of the closet and shut me out with Bolt. Bolt was bouncing and wiggle butting so was no help as I tried discipline the two legs. He used this “lunge whip” to put me in a frenzy. He circled this plastic thingy and all of a sudden I was racing in circles, and spinning, and butt bumping Bolty out of the way for a delectable chomp. What The Hell! I had no control of myself. How was I to discipline that two legged miscreant? Then he tried to sneak into the Big Girl bed. What was the Sketchy Dude thinking? He’s fat and takes up too much room and have I mentioned he stinks? The blonde is aromatic and while the light of her ipawd keeps me up at times her gravelly, resonant, even paced snores lull me into a sound full night sleep. It’s like having cushy, growling, bed vibrator. The Bald one just Takes Up Space ( I’ve heard the Blonde say This).

Anyway I used all the tricks I learned like laying on my back spinning and pulling all the sheets around my body to drive him from my domain and back to his bed. I did have to go monitor his location from the recliner for awhile. I heard she may be coming back soon so a Humping will be in order! I must assert my dominance so she doesn’t do this again. Maddie Stewart


Bella & Raven Roma, "Did you say he will be home soon?!?! Did you say it?!?!?! Say it!!!!!"

Hio Olsson, When his little peabrain gets lost in the empty space.

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