The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXI, Issue 3, August 2017


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Lotta Olsson

My guys are sunbathing.

Jackie Dering

This morning on our walk we met a gardener pulling weeds. Harley went over to say hi and promptly stole her glove. I did warn her.

Tonight's walk. We were walking through Swarthmore's campus and ran into a professor who is an FoH (friend of Harley). He was showing two people around, but stopped to greet her and get his yodel. As we were making introductions another professor from a different department came walking by and stopped to say, Hi, Harley, and he got his yodel, too. We all laughed at how she knows so many people. Somehow I think she has more friends than I do. What a gregarious little girl.

Karen Christensen

The folklore of doggie interaction, which works not at all with primitive-type dogs, is that a sociable dog has its ears back and is "smiling." Our guys don't smile, because they don't pant. And there's a universe of difference between "pursed commisures" (per Pat Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. and "smiling" to blow off steam in a full pant. Also, basenjis generally only put their ears back among family, and a "mohawk" is not really alarming on these primitive dogs unless it's accompanied by other aggressive behavior.

Susan K-M Fern "resembles" part of what you wrote. Her ears are flapped back so much of the time at agility trials, as she gets friends and friendly stranger, soon to become friends, to put their hands on her, that sometimes even I don't recognize her when she puts them up.

Anne MacMillan

This afternoon I was working in the front yard, got involved in several projects and lost track of time. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a small pack of basenjis on the brink of starvation. I rushed in and was able to quickly get their supper together and keep them alive. Whew, just in the nick of time.?

Natalie Culver 

Hannah is always asking me stuff on our commute too/from daycare (our mommy/Hannah time).

Friday evening question. 
H: "how are sky scrapers built"? 
Me: "well you start with a structural engineer who figures out how strong it needs to be to go tall & what materials to use".

I told her that was about all I knew, but I have a friend that can tell her more. 

Tamara Allen Ha ha - tell Hannah anytime she wants to chat, we can. 

Jamie McCool's security/avoids break-ins

Xan Raskin

This morning I got catcalled by a big burly guy in a truck. He leaned out of the driver window and shouted, "Hey, is that a basenji??" So maybe I got dogcalled.

Lottie Hotaling

This morning Cooper decided to stack the three dishes instead of lining them up. Sometimes he does this. He is weird.

Yvonne 't Mannetje He is so funny, does he also do laundry? ?

Lottie Hotaling He will steal laundry and stack it but then he'll consume it. We get some interesting poopies in the back yard!

Karen Christensen Rip takes blankies off the bed, futon, chair, etc and heaps them up in the "beach" zone of the kitchen in front of the heater. It's like an obsessive little lap he runs when he comes in from the yard. Laser did something similar, but opposite - took a toy out in his jaws for his first lap around the yard each evening when I got home. Weird but sweet, aren't they?

Xan Raskin The only thing my little munchkin does that is even closely related is kick pillows off the bed and couch with his head

Lottie Hotaling Xan Raskin Kohlette does that!

Karen Christensen Lottie do you remember me saying after Rip's clingy brothers went to live with you and Xan, I had to teach him to snuggle close? He really was kind of independent and more distant than I would prefer. NOT ANYMORE! He grew up to be a giant sucky baby who thrives on being loved and squished and snuggled. Then he quietly goes to his armchair or the foot of the bed, depending where we are - he's not a sleep cuddler.

Lottie Hotaling Cooper is just a cuddlebug, I guess a canine version of a mama's boy, even at night he's stuck to me. Until he's outside and there are waves of interesting scents, then mama ceases to exist. By the way, so far it's dogs 4, moles 0.

Donald Hotaling Cooper must have been a waiter in his past life Or He Has OCD.

Erin McCaffery

If you can only do 1, I recommend an adult cat, around 2 years and up. Kittens are a handful and without a 2nd kitten they tend to use humans as surrogate playmates, scratching and biting arms and legs. With 2 kittens, they get out this energy on each other instead. A young adult is usually past this stage and more settled down.

Susan K-M - Exactly what I believe about basenji puppies.

WET (October Wrinkler, 2009)

Andrea Stone

Are there a lot of swimming basenjis?

There are a lot that will wade in water in hot weather occasionally. I don't know that there are many who will swim on purpose, but I know there are a few. I used to do warm water swim therapy with a couple of mind, and while they didn't really enjoy the water they were extremely strong swimmers.

Lima Callahan, swim therapy.

Chris O'Rear We live right next to the beach and when they grow up running with all the retrievers running in and out of the waves they learn to join in. If you act like it's no big deal they can learn to enjoy the water

Susan K-M Chris - yep. My first basenji, in 1973, grew up, in part, at the Biology Lab at Cold Spring Harbor, when I was Artist in Residence for Dr. Jim Watson. She saw Goldens retrieving logs from the Sound, so she did it too. Blush loved to swim the rest of her long life.

Andrea Stone I used to take my first four for walks by a river when they were young so they would all go in and goof off /if not swim. They weren't Labrador level OMIGODILOVEWATER but they didn't avoid it.

Unless it was wet grass on their tosies at potty time. 50/50 avoidance of that.

Booboo, who was very blase about rain would go to great lengths to avoid stepping in a puddle, however.

Chris O'Rear Bakari used to go to the junior guard events with me. He would swim out to the kids learning to surf and beg for a ride back in and they would lift him by the handles on his life jacket and bring him back to shore (where he would share their lunch, beach games, etc) Summer Fridays were the best and we came back home happy and exhausted

Andrea Stone Sounds like so much fun!

Chris O'Rear Cannot express how very much I miss him. I have not been back to the beach since I lost him. Rafiki is not as good off leash and when Bakari dragged him out into the ocean and he got his feet wet (they were tethered together) he screamed like he was being killed so not a water dog :-(

Andrea Stone Regan swam once. She had a pair of Great Danes CHARGE at her on the beach and it scared her so bad she ran out into Puget Sound and started swimming away. Thankfully she responded to recall nicely and turned around. Phew!

Lucky MacMillan & his swim coach, Frankie

Pi Butterworth