The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XIII, Issue 3, August 2009

© 2009, Susan Kamen Marsicano, "Kunjo - Banana Split"


.........Noteable Quotables  
Ashley Pistorio - Newton (and hence, now, Bella-- monkey-see, you know!) has a passion for oranges.
He's not terribly keen on the fruit part, or the really orange part of the rind, but requests that I strip the inside part of the rind off
and feed it to him.  It started as a joke--


Contest Winners

New Contest, ‘Nuther Recipe

July 12th Match Report 

A Whippet West Side Story

Training Round Robin Conversation

Lukuru Program, Part One

Getting Buddy


Stuff, Stuff, Stuff, New Cancer Drug

Calendar, As the Tail Turns

Art: S K-M, Sailor, Christensen, Maas, Maxka, La Belle, Culver, ‘t Mannetje, Brodeur,
A. Kamen, Osenni, Jones, Thompson, Zulu, Ruth Kamen, Sahulka.

Cover: © 2009, Susan K-M. “Kunjo – Banana Split”

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