The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 2, May 2011

Tutsi sunbathing ~ ©2011Erin Fogarty “Tutsi, Guitar Case.”
STORY: Bruce bought a new acoustic guitar. The guitar was lovely but the
guitar case had an awful smell. It was a sunny day so we put the guitar case
on the deck to air. It took, oh, about three seconds for Tutsi to spot the
open case and be settled inside, asleep.


.........Noteable Quotables  
Yvonne 't Mannetje : Funny story. I'm trying to improve my German, so I have to read the sentences out loud.
Now Dana recognizes language! Whenever she hears me talking "German" she runs to the window.......


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© 2009 Susan Kamen Marsicano “Trill and F and S”

S K-M, Mannetje, Stewart, Hokusai, Sigrist, MacMillan,
 Brosch, Stone, Heidebrecht, Bloom, Sahulka, Garvey,
 Hess, Galardi, Hotaling, Pick, Schulz, Johnson-Byrne,
Burgher-Lada, Baker, Culver, Thompson-Brown, Fogarty,
Callahan, O'Rear, Stotka, Christensen.

Cover: Tutsi sunbathing ~ ©2011Erin Fogarty “Tutsi, Guitar Case.”
© 2009 Susan Kamen Marsicano “Trill and F and S”

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