The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XVI, Issue 4, November 2012

©2012, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Boo”
Fern & Scarlet in the motel window.


.........Noteable Quotables
 Carol Mount: Giggling at the e-postcard going around that says my border collie
is smarter than your presidential candidate.
I lol more as I add "and my basenji is smarter than your BC;
just don't ask her to prove it".

Brags, Sunshine, Officers & Editors

In Memoriam

Contest Winners

New Contest, Recipe

"We're Talking Rally"

Rally 101

Health News (Eye Certifications, Fanconi Protocol)

Fireside Warmth

Training/Antics/or remembering M

Lead Poisoning

Santa Paws Gift Exchange, Club Gear for Xmas


Stuff Stuff Stuff

Calendar, From Down Under, ZooZooZuri

Sculpted Christmas Ornament by Lotte Hotaling

Kamen Marsicano, Grewe, Bloom, Amicucci, La Belle Phtography,
 Mount, Kasper, Osenni, Sahulka, Hotaling, Henry,
 Secunda, Allen, Donaldson, 't Mannetje, Kunze, Marshall,
MacMillan, Gregory, Zulu, Niva, Sailor, Shah, Olsson,
Mattuchio, Stone, Panos, Sigrist, Oskamp-Schroder, Zeh,
Armen, Singer, Reddie, Stewart, Squires, Van De Lest.

©2012, Susan Kamen Marsicano “Boo”

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